Sex, Lies, and Secrets.

Liam is entering his junior year of high school, and all he wants to do is make his parents proud of him for once. Him and his best mate Harry have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past. Louis and his younger sister Alessia are dubbed "The Tomlinsons.", loved by everybody, with the exception of Harry who doesn't seem to like anyone except for himself and the rugby team. Zayn is a very reserved kid who only wants to express himself through art, while his twin sister Reign is willing to do anything to be the most popular girl in school. All irish boy Niall Horan wants to do is play his guitar and sing happy songs, his little brother Brandon is entering high school for his first year with a secret that he want's nobody to know. Welcome to 'Sex, Lies, and Secrets.'
-Reader discretion advised, for MATURE readers.


2. Getting through the day.


Liam’s POV:

I pulled my class schedule from my back pocket and saw that my first hour was gym, go figure. I walked into the gym to see most of the rugby team in here, mixed in with a few other kids. I walked over to Harry who was chatting it up with Ryan; he was on the rugby team too. He was about my height, but bigger then me.   

“What’s up man?” Ryan said. We did our group handshake.  

“Not trying to be here, that’s for sure.” I said turning to see who else was in the gym.  

“We’re in here with frilly boy Tomlinson.” Said Harry pointing to Louis, who was sitting against the wall looking over some paper. I never really had a issue with Louis. Really, I never had an issue with anybody. It was Harry who liked to pick at anybody, and when I found something funny I laughed. So I guess that made some people not like me. Not that I cared, honestly.  

I was interrupted out of my thoughts when the gym coach blew his whistle and we all ran and lined up against the wall.  

“Welcome to PE, physical education gentleman. Since this is our first day, you won’t be doing much. I just need to run down what we’re doing this semester, what attire you will need for class, and of course the class rules.” He flipped through some paper and began talking. “Alright, first of all. We will do the normal in mornings. Laps around the gym, stretches, and then a physical activity of my choosing. You will have the last 15 minutes of class to get changed back, and shower up if you please. You will have the first 5 minutes to change into your gym attire. Which will be any type of t-shirt, gym shorts, and shoes of you’re choosing. For our semester test I will see to it that you can all do the minimum requirement of sit-ups, push-ups, and run the minimum amount of time. Any questions?”  

Nobody raised their hands or asked any questions. “Alright, the first day of class is yours. If you need anything, I’ll be in my office.” And with that he walked to his office which was in the right corner of the gym, with full glass windows. We all dispersed, I went back to my group of friends.   

Gym actually sped by, us just talking. Harry picking out someone to rag on here and there. When the bell rung we all filed out of the gym, into the school hallways. Louis was walking in front of us; Harry sped up quickly to bump into Louis’ shoulder, rather hard. This ended up in Louis dropping the binder he was messing with in his hands.  

“Sorry Tomlinson didn’t see you there.” Harry said laughing at himself. Louis just picked his binder up; lips pursed, and continued to walk forward. I didn’t think it was funny, but Harry was my best mate, so I just kept quiet and gave him a fake amused smile.  

Louis POV:

I hated Harry Styles. What was his deal? I never did anything to him. It’s not my fault Alessia doesn’t like some big shot dickhead like him. I just brushed him off, not wanting to say anything I might regret. I knew he had anger issues, I thought it’d be best not to poke at them. I walked into my next class, which was history. When I walked in the room I was pleasantly surprised with the presence of Scarlet. She was outstandingly beautiful, and I’m not exaggerating. She had long scarlet hair, beautiful hazel eyes, the cutest little lips, and she was short and adorable which topped it all off. Her personality was great too. I quickly took my seat next to her, knowing the teacher would mark this as our spot for the rest of the semester.  

“Hey Scarlet.” I said smiling widely at her.  

“Hey Louis!” She said squealing as she gave me a friendly hug. “How was your summer?” She asked excitingly.   

“It was great actually! Yours?” I said. 

  “Great, it was great.” She said nodding and fiddling with her hands. “You are trying out for this year’s big show right?”  

“Of course, I’m going for the part of the scarecrow.” I said winking at her, causing her to giggle her cute giggle.  

“I know your going to do great Louis, just great. Your gonna get it.” She said giving me a reassuring smile.   

“Thanks.” I said giving her a smile. I scanned the room seeing who else I would be sharing history with for the year. I noticed a few guys from the rugby team. Luckily no Liam or Harry. My attention was diverted to the front of the class when I heard the professor clear his throat.  

“Attention class, we have a new student joining our high school today. This is Brandon Horan. He’s a freshman student, but he has been placed in a junior history class with his advanced knowledge. Please give him a warm welcome.” The professor said as Brandon stood there awkwardly.   

“Your Niall’s little brother?” Ryan from the rugby team asked. Brandon just nodded shyly. “Figures, you both die your hair like wussies.” He said, erupting laughter from some kids in the class. I rolled my eyes, Scarlet felt bad and immediately jumped in.  

“Brandon, come sit up here.” She pointed to a empty desk in front of her. He shuffled over to in front of us, sitting his backpack in front of him. He sat down. I tapped his shoulder, he turned in my direction. He truly did look like a mini Niall, blue eyes, the blonde hair, the baby face.   

“Just for the record, I like your blonde hair.” I said smiling to him. He gave me a shy smile. 

“Thanks.” He said, about to turn in his seat until I pulled him back around by his shoulder. 

“I’m Louis by the way, Louis Tomlinson.” I said giving him another warm smile.  

“And I’m Scarlet Jones. Welcome to our not so great high school.” She said laughing. He gave a small chuckle.  

“Don’t worry; it’s not that bad Brandon. It’s just the jocks around here can be real pricks, but you just have to ignore them.” I said reassuringly. He just nodded.  

“Thanks Louis and Scarlet… for making me feel a little more at ease.” He said smiling and giving a small chuckle, it seemed genuine but I couldn’t tell. He turned back around in his seat and faced forward.   

The rest of the class was an absolute drag, it seemed to last forever. When the end of class bell finally rang, we jolted out of class. I walked out of class talking to Scarlet. In the corner of my eye I noticed Ryan wait by the door. When Brandon came out Ryan got real close in his face.  

“In case you didn’t know punk, I’m Ryan. Co-Captain of the rugby team, and I run this place.” He said, he was so close to Brandon’s face I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandon came out with a few specks of spit on his face.  

“O-okay…” Brandon said trembling.  Ryan smirked and walked of all proud with the rest of his ass wipes of friends. I walked over to Brandon who was trembling a lot.   

“Brandon, come on, your alright.” I said trying to calm him down. His breathing regulated and he began to walk to class. Not saying anything, he just walked to his next destination. I sighed and turned back around to head to my next class.     

Brandon’s POV:

I hate this place. Already. I haven’t even gotten the chance to be in here a whole day before these jocks started bullying me. That Ryan guy, yeah he scared me. A lot. Needless to say I would do my best to avoid him and anybody who looked like they would be his friend. My next class was algebra 2. All my classes were junior classes, except for science. That was a sophomore class. I walked into my math class, late once again. The professor stood as I walked up to her desk.   

“Sorry, I’m late. I couldn’t find my way, it’s my first day and...”  

“Don’t worry.” The teacher said cutting me off. “You’re a freshman? In a junior math class?” She said looking up over her glasses at me. I shyly nodded. “Wow young man, looking at this impresses me. It will be a pleasure to have you in my class.” She said shaking my hand.   “Class, this is freshman student Brandon Horan. I’m sure you will show him the upmost respect, just like any other person in this class. Brandon, take a seat next to Mr. Payne.” She pointed to a kid with a miniature quiff. He was very muscular. One word crossed my mind when I saw him, jock.

I walked over to the seat next to him and sat down. The desks in this class were pushed together by two’s, which made us almost touch arms we sat so close. This made me feel uneasy. After a few minutes in class the teacher passed out worksheets, reviews. Seeing what we still remembered after summer break. Since I shut myself in my room all summer, not much left my brain. I began to work on the worksheet, flying through the front side. I looked over and noticed Liam having trouble; he barely finished the first section. He stole glimpses at my paper and jotted down answers, not caring that the paper clearly said in bold print at the top “Show Your Work.” A part of me wanted to ask if he needed help, but I was to scared. What if he was like Ryan?  I continued doing my work until I was startled by Liam slamming his pencil on his desk and massaging his temples.   

“Are you alright?” I asked quietly. I mentally slapped myself, why did I say that? I waited for him to say some smart comment and make me feel smaller then I already was.  

“I’m fine, I uh, just don’t really get this.” He said calmly. I slowly turned my head to look at him, the look on my face showing pure shock. He wasn’t going to shoot me a rude comment about why I cared?   

“Are you alright mate? You look kind of queasy.” He said snapping his fingers in my face. I quickly composed myself.  

“Sorry, it’s just… nothing. It’s nothing. About the worksheet, you said you don’t understand it?” He shook his head no.

“What don’t you get?” I asked looking at his paper, this to me looked quite easy.  

“I don’t get anything. Any of it.” He said sadly. I felt bad.

“Do you want me to help you with this…?” I asked shyly looking down at the desk, which seemed much more appealing then the boy sitting next to me.   

“Actually I would like that.” He said giving me a small smile. I began to show him an example from each section of the sheet. Some things he understood immediately, others he needed more help with. I spent the rest of the period helping him along the worksheet, which he finished. I had to take mine for homework, which I didn’t mind. It was easy.  The bell rang and we rose from our seats. I was gathering my things while Liam walked out of the class and went with his friends. He walked over to Ryan, and I think a curly haired one named Harry, and the rest of the group. I went in the opposite direction, avoiding Ryan.

It was lunch time and I knew where I was going to sit. In the library, at one of the empty seats and listen to my music alone. All the students eat at the same time and lunch is an hour and a half. Pretty cool right? No. At least not for someone who has no friends and only wants to get through classes and go home. I walked into the cafeteria, seeing all different kinds of students swarming to different areas. There were a lot of options, a deli, pizza place, salad bar. I just went and got in the line to get a slice of pizza.  

“Brandon!” I heard a familiar voice yell and I turned around to see Louis coming towards me. I sighed, he wasn’t annoying. I was actually grateful to have someone nice and talk to me, I just wanted to be alone.   “Hey Louis.” I said giving him a small smile.  

“Your getting pizza? It’s so gross! I swear the cheese is fake.” He said laughing at his own joke.   

“It can’t be that bad, and besides I’m not exactly hungry. Just getting something to get me through the rest of the day.” I said.  

“Speaking of the day… how was your last class? Any jerks?” He asked. I nodded.  

“No, I sit next to some guy named Liam. He is friends with Ryan, but he’s actually not that bad.” Louis gave me a funny look.  

“Not that bad huh? Well I don’t really know the guy. But I do know that he’s co-captain of the rugby team, and he thinks he runs this school. Even some seniors on the team stay away from him. So, just be careful not to get on his bad side, if your already on his good side.” Louis said. I nodded.  

“I don’t even think I’m gonna get that close. All I did was help him with some math.” Louis just shrugged his shoulders.  

“I’m just saying.” Was all he said. “But hey, I’m going to go get something else to eat. See you around.” And with that he disappeared in the cafeteria full of kids. 

My attention was diverted when I saw a tan, tall, lean boy come out of the pizza line with his tray of his pizza. His features were just amazing. He had a tall quiff, jet black hair. A clean face, perfect eyebrows, long eyelashes. I mentally got myself out of the gaze and saw his pizza. It looked absolutely gross. The cheese looked almost plastic, and the pepperoni’s were pink. I couldn’t eat that. I just hopped out of line and went to search for a machine to vend and then I would head to the library.  

Zayn’s POV:

I got out of the disgusting pizza line and made a feline through the cafeteria to get to the library. I didn’t get through without a few insults from the rugby team of course. When I made it out of the cafeteria I walked down a few halls to our school’s library. It was full of so many books, many good ones too. But I didn’t come here to read, just to escape everyone else. 

I went to an empty table and threw my pizza in the trash just keeping my apple and milk. I pulled out my sketch pad and began to examine some things I’ve drawn. A lot of it were just doodles, not real art. Just something to pass the time. I looked up from my pad and caught a glimpse of a blond haired boy walking through the library, taking a seat at a few tables away from mine. He looked almost exactly like Niall Horan, I didn’t know he had a brother? Me and Niall aren’t exactly friends. But we talked here and there, I had him in my art class freshman and sophomore year. He sat down and opened his bag of chips and began to eat them slowly, trying not to make much noise. I finished up my “lunch” and began to doodle in my pad. I caught the kid stealing glances at me. Which was kind of weird, but I didn’t think anything of it. 

Soon lunch ended and I shuffled my pad back into my backpack and made my way to my next class which was art.  

Niall’s POV: I was on my way to my next class which was Art. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up having it with Zayn again, he was a cool chap. I walked down a hallway filled with many student made paintings, sculptures, and other things. I walked into art class, and I spot a tan boy with a black quiff.   

“What’s up Zayn.” I say taking a seat on a stool across from him.  

“Nothing man, how was your summer?” He asked turning in his stool.  

“Fine, fine.” I said. We continued making small talk until he asked about Brandon.  

“Yeah, I thought that was your brother. I saw him today in the library during lunch.” He said.   

“Why was he in the library?”  

“Probably the same reason as me, he didn’t eat lunch. He just had a bag of chips and he sat there until lunch was over.” Why didn’t he text me? I would have easily found him and had him sit with my friends.    “Oh, I wish he would’ve texted me. I could’ve sat with him.” I said, a little sadness in my voice.

The art instructor came in and gave us our lesson for the day. Just making a drawing that summed up our summer. I drew a guitar with music notes around it, sounds boring I know. But I actually put a lot of detail into it.  When class was over, me and Zayn walked out into the hall talking. We went our separate ways, heading to 5th period. I looked down at my phone for a few seconds before bumping into someone. I looked up and saw a slender, tan girl with dark violet hair.   

“Niall! Watch out.” She said pushing me out of her way.  

“Sorry Reign, didn’t see where I was going.” I say giving her a dumb smile. She scoffed and strutted down the hallway. I stood there and watched her walk away before being broken out of my gaze by the late bell. Reign was pretty yeah, but her attitude made her not so pretty. Still, she was attractive.  

Reign’s POV:

I walked into my science class, examining the room to see who I could sit with. I saw an empty seat next to Amber. She was a fairly pretty girl, auburn curly hair down to her shoulder blades, hazel eyes. We were friends, she was on the cheer leading squad. I took my seat next to her, we waved hi to each other and listened to the teacher’s boring lecture. I was on my phone on and off the whole time. I got a text from Amber.  

‘Your going to cheer practice today right?’ I looked at her with a questioning look before texting back.  

‘Yeah, why?’  

‘Just wondering, do you think I could come over after school?’  

You want to come to my house…?’  

'Yeah, I don’t want to go home. Besides I missed you!’

Something was weird, sure she could come over. But she missed me? We weren’t even close. Oh well, at least I would have someone to distract me from my dumb brother and mother.  

‘Sure doll, just ride with me after school.’  

‘Okay, thanks a lot! :) x’  

Class seemed to zoom by, probably cause I was doing something a little more entertaining. I walked out of class and headed to the gym. There were to gyms, one for the boys and one for the girls. I walked to the gym door and read the sign plastered on the door.  

‘Welcome back ladies, I won’t be here for the first week of school. You’ll be in the gym with the boys. Please, try and play nice. -Coach Ross.’  

Oh yay. At least I got to be in there with Ryan Beckford. He was so hot, and he was co-captain of the rugby team. Which made him even hotter. I walked down to the boys gym and went to where the rest of the cheer squad was. The boys were on the opposite side of the gym, I assume the coach was letting them do what they want. They were just talking.  

“Let’s go over there.” I said nudging Amber and Alessia, who was also on the cheer squad.  

“Ew, no. Harry is over there.” Said Alessia.  

“So?” I said.  

“So, I don’t want to go over there. You should have heard what he said to me this morning.” She said pretending to gag which made Amber giggle.  

“Come on girls, who’s over here that we would talk too?” We all looked at who else was on the squad, nobody we talked to. Mostly freshman.   

“Fine.” Alessia said sighing. We got up and walked over to where the boys were. Harry’s eyes immediately averted to Alessia, Liam’s to Amber, and mine to Ryan’s. He didn’t look at me.   

“Hey Ryan.” I said going over and putting my hand on his shoulder.  

“Hey Reign.” He said, he looked me up and down.

“You look hot today.” He said smirking. I blushed like a twelve year old hormonal girl. “But you’ve looked better.” He said laughing. I immediately looked down at my outfit.  

“I’ll look better tomorrow.” I said smiling.   

“Good.” He said pulling me into his lap. I looked over and saw Alessia walking away, pulling Amber with her back to the other side of the gym.  

Harry’s POV:  

“Couldn’t resist the curls huh? Just had to come over here.” I said pulling Alessia towards me by the loops in her high-waist shorts. She looked so hot today. Her hair in a perfect bun, her eyes gleaming, her lips.  

“Harry, get off me!” She said pushing me by my shoulders.  

“Don’t play hard to get babe!” I said trying to pull her back.  

“Oh my gosh, your disgusting. Come on Amber.” She said tugging Amber away from Liam who was talking to her. I watched as she walked away angrily, hotly, it turned me on.  

“What the hell man!” Liam said snapping me out of my trance. “I was actually TALKING to Amber for once.” He said angrily.  

“Sorry, sorry.” I said calmly.  

“You always mess stuff up.” He said coldly. I started to get angry, my fist balled up. But I calmed down, taking loud deep breaths. Liam saw that I was getting angry and his face softened.

“Harry man… I’m sorry you know I didn’t mean that.” He said trying to calm me down. I was calmed, but him touching me made me upset.  

“I’m fine, I just need a sec, okay?” I said nudging his hand off my shoulder. He looked sorry, he should be. He knows about my situation, he knows about how my dad was. I just went and sat on some mats and calmed down. When the school bell rang I shuffled off the mats and walked towards the gymnasium exit. My hands were deep in my pockets and I had my head down, when I noticed someone walking beside me, Liam.  

“I’m sorry Harry…” He said sadly.  

“You don’t have to keep apologizing. I know you didn’t mean it, the cut’s are still kind of fresh is all.” He put his arm on my shoulder.  

“Raw subject, won’t happen again.” He said, that’s why he was my best mate. He understood me. He’s the only one who understands me, he’s the only one who knows my story. We walked to the school parking lot, getting into Liam’s car. The drive home was peaceful, the low sounds from the radio making a soothing atmosphere which is just what I needed. He pulled up in my drive way and turned down the radio.  

“Text me if you need anything mate.” He said as I got out the car.  

“Don’t worry, I will.” I said, shutting the car door. I walked up to my front door and waved goodbye to Liam. I walked into the house, it was quiet in the living room. I quietly walked through the living room and peeped in the kitchen, thankful my dad wasn’t here. Mom would be home soon, which didn’t give me much time.

I walked to my bedroom and closed the door behind me. I immediately looked under my bed and found a bottle of vodka. I twisted the cap off and began to sip on the dry, clear liquid. The heat going down my throat and erupting through my chest and stomach soothed me. I kept drinking until I felt numb to everything, then twisted the cap back on and shoved it under my bed.  I laid there staring at my ceiling for what felt like hours.

I heard the front door open and close. I kept quiet to distinguish if my mother was alone, praying that she was. I soon heard a deep, husk voice. It was faint, but I could distinguish it easily. It was my dad. It seemed like everything was calm… for the time being. I took this opportunity to let the alcohol do it’s job and help me sleep.  I peeled out of my jeans and t-shirt, just into my boxers and climbed under my cover. I turned out the lamp next to my bed and closed my eyes. I began to hear banging against the walls and lowly muffled screams. I kept my eyes closed, trying to tune it out. Trying to fall asleep before my time came, even though my eyes were shut a few tears stung my eye lids and flowed down my cheek onto my pillow.  The sound stopped for a few seconds, until I heard my door barge open.   

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