Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


9. 8

"Harry, you're hurting me." He had me pinned tightly against the door and I could hear Brooklyn's yells and screams for him to move out of the way but, he was refusing to let go. My hands were still covering the bruises but, Harry used one of his hands to remove them.

"Wow, I did a good job huh?" His words were dark and his voice was husky. My body was vibrating from the banging on the door.

"HARRY" Another voice sounded around his shoulder but, I couldn't make out who it was. 

"It's fine, I'm out front." He spoke softer and Brooklyn stopped banging and yelling. Next thing I know, Brooklyn is running from around the corner. She must've jumped through the window but, I wish she thought of that earlier when Harry's grip was tighter.

"I was just telling Bella about how lovely our night was." He stepped backward and I quickly threw my hands on my neck, trying to cover every bit of the purple reminders of Harry.

"Bella let me see." Liam walked over to my body which was emotionally glued to the door. He carefully removed my hand and skimmed his fingers over the purple spots.

"Jesus Christ Harry. Did you hit her?" He turned back and noticed Brooklyn had him pinned up against the wall with her forearm in his neck.

"Really? You could have been a little easier on her. I know most of the whores you're fucking every night-"

"BROOKLYN." Liam shouted and pulled her back from Harry.

"Next time your friend shouldn't act like a slut then maybe I won't be so tempted to-" Liam cut him off in a split second like he knew what was about to come out of his mouth.

"Harry, go home. You already caused enough damage here." Harry stalked off to his car and sped off.

"C'mon, inside." Liam gestured us inside.

I wouldn't be so badly overreacting if he hadn't bruised from my lower neck to my ear. It really did look like someone hit me and it left a nasty reminder. My actions towards Harry last night weren't clean but, I didn't bruise him all up his neck.

"Are you alright Bella?" Brooklyn called down from the floor. She was cleaning up the broken bottle pieces and Liam was looking for some sort of ice pack-which wasn't needed-. 

"I'm fine, it just aches a little." Brooklyn threw away the glass pieces and Liam shut the freezer.

"Brooklyn why the hell did you have a beer at 11 in the morning?" Liam said but, she was practically ignoring him.

"Hello. Earth to Brooklyn." She sat on the couch and looked back up to him.

"Oh yeah whats up?" She switched on the TV.

"Why were you drinking at 11 in the morning?"

"I just needed one." As soon as Brooklyn said this I knew there was an argument about to fire ahead so I just decided to tell Liam to get home so, it would save me from hearing all of the nonsense. Not that I didn't agree with Liam, I just hate to see her upset and see him upset and no. 

"Thanks Liam. You're a hero." He chuckled.

"No problem. Call me if you have any problems." I smiled and shut the door.

My bed was the only thing I saw in my future. I slipped into the covers and fell asleep in an instant. Only to wake up-what felt like moments later- to the doorbell going off continuously.

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