Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


7. 6

"So I think we should go out tonight, do you mind if I have the boys meet us at your place, maybe your room mate could come too if she's up for a party." I nodded and we moved to the front seat, oh how I wished there weren't any hidden paparazzi.


There was a pounding knock at the front door and I instantly went to go get it, but Liam beat me. I greeted them and scanned the shoes. There was one pair of white Keds, two black Converse, and red Supras. They stood out, and I smiled to myself.

"So, is everyone ready?" Bella was in the door frame with a smirk on her face, and she walked up making the group fairly large. Three taxis were out front my house before we knew it. Niall and Zayn took one. Louis, Liam, and I took another. That left Harry and Bella to take the third. I hope we didn't make an overly-cheeky douche move.

There was an obnoxious buzz against the leather seet, and Liam took out his phone, answering the call. "Hello?.. Oh, Hi Dani-.... What the hell are you talki-.... No of course no-..... She's just a friend!.... No, listen to me...... We aren't dating. This shouldnt matter to you...... Whatever, bye." Oh god, his ex saw me with him? Something told me our faces were on every tabloid and social media network at this point; the exact opposite of what I wanted. 

"I guess there's a price for everything, but its worth it." I felt Liams arms wrap around my waist to reassure I was alright, as if he had read my mind. 

Louis chuckled a bit. "That's a girl for ya. Right when you think you know them perfectly, they do the opposite of what you expect.

Bella's P.O.V

Harry and I got into the taxi,we were assigned to. I was merely attracted to Harry but, showed no desire to show it off. I love playing hard to get, when Harry first saw me, he knew that was my favorite game to play.

"So, you been to this club?"

"Once or twice." I continued to stare out the window, trying not to make eye contact and completely lose the game; which I could tell Harry was very good at playing.

We were the last to arrive at the club, everyone else was inside already. Harry offered me his hand to help me out of the car but, I rejected it and lightly pushed him away. His eyes were staring at me hard. I could feel them eyeing me as I walked past the bouncer, giving him a small kiss on his cheek, as he was one of my good friends. 

"So, you're pretty friendly with the bouncer?" He was now trying to walk at my pace.

"Eh, he is just one of my really good friends." I walked a little faster as we were approaching the bar. I also knew the bartender. Harry kind of eyed me from a distance as I grabbed a drink. Out of curiosity to his reaction, I put my drink down and went to dance. I danced with a few random people, I twirled around and danced with more people. I knew one thing that would make him go crazy, if I danced with one of the boys. As I made my way through the hot and sweaty atmosphere, I spotted the first boy. Zayn. 

Zayn was already in a dancing mode so he didn't care who he was dancing with. He gripped onto my hips, pulling me against him. I looked over to see Harry stare with discomfort and displeasure. Before I gave in to Harry, I pulled Zayn towards the back of the club. We were in a dark area but, Harry was following us with his eyes. I wasn't really into Zayn, as much as I was to Harry so making out with Zayn was kind of an empty feeling. After a few seconds of Zayn taking my eye contact from Harry, I looked back to find him, behind Zayn.

"Hey, Zayn mate. I think some girl you were dancing with earlier was looking for you." I could tell by his voice, it was a complete lie. Zayn left a  lingering kiss to my neck before going back to the dance floor.

"Wow. That was a dirty lie Mr. I've been watching you all night." I tried to walk past Harry but he grabbed onto my forearm before I made it past him. 
"It's not fair to let others have you, when I haven't had a turn." I chuckled at his seductive tone.

"Well, it sucks because you'll never get one." I jerked my arm from his but, he caught hold of my waist, pulling me towards him.

"Well, you see. I know i'll get a turn because, I usually get what I want, and when I want it." He was now whispering in my ear, almost making myself forfeit the game I was destined to lose.

"We'll see about that." I was now out of his grip, walking away towards the dance floor again. In search of another one of the other boys, to really get Harry mad. I saw Louis next, he looked pretty alone so, I thought of getting Harry's attention and pull another big move, until I saw Louis' girlfriend sit next to him. I just decided to turn to someone I haven't seen before. There was quite a few attractive people in this club but, none I could take home. I started to dance with this really hot frat boy, he still wasn't anything compared to Harry but, he could be next in line. I then noticed Harry giving me this deadly look from across the club. His eyes went from emerald green to almost black in a hot second. Until Harry's figure got farther away, I noticed I was being pulled to the bathrooms.

"Hey um wh-" I was interrupted by a rough kiss by the boy that took me into the bathroom. He was much taller than me so I sat on the counter, continuing to roughly make out with this boy. The door swung open a little while later, the boy that made rough contact to my neck, distracting me from caring who was at the door. Only until, the contact was released and someone else attached to my neck.

"Oh fuck." Whoever this was, bite down hard onto a spot that was already sore. I grabbed onto what felt like curls. I bit the bottom of my lip, tugging slightly. I knew exactly who this was. Dark curly hair and small dimples indented in his cheek. Harry was slowly making his way up to my ear, nibbling.

"Game over." He whispered into my ear.
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