Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


6. 5

There was a heavy pounding at the door. I shrieked, flying out of bed. I was hungover, and god did I regret jumping up as fast as I did. Everything was spinning, swirling in a bright mess of color that blurred my vision and caused me to fall against the hard wood underneath my feet.

The person on the other side of my door knocked a second time, and my hand felt along the wall so I could hold my balance and stand on two feet.

Re-wrapping myself in the baby blue silk blanket I had drapped around my shoulders, I went to the front door. My feet were freezing against the cold wood, and I rushed to the front door, my vision slowly becoming clearer and clearer by the second.

"Liam?" I blinked and fully saw his face. The creases by his mouth when he smiled showed were there, just like the last time I saw him.

"Hey babe, could we hang out today?" I nodded and ran to Bellas' room.

"I'm going out, don't have too much fun without me." She was sitting on the edge of her bed, ankles crossed with her laptop in front of her. She smiled and nodded, her attention directing back to whatever was on her screen.

I grabbed my bag and didn't worry about my attire, I had on the cute shirt and very short shorts from last night. I changed from heels to my sandals, and slipped a beer bottle into my handbag before running back to the door. Lets hope Liam didn't mind.


We were in the parking lot of a convenience store, sitting in the trunk of his car sprawled out. Our legs were laced together without realization how it even happened. The only sound was of the humming of the neon sign out front, the the catching colors drawing in customers.

"I have an idea," I whispered. I untangled myself from the mess I was sitting in, and crawled over the barrier that made up the backs to the row of back seats. The dark leather fabric pressed into my stomach, leaving me breathless when I sat back up.

The brown tinted glass that was hidden in my purse was now being passed back and forth, both admitting a secret before handing it back to the opposite person.

"One night I puked in my room mates boyfriends $130,000 Mercedes Benz that he borrowed from the dealership that he works at." I giggled and he looked at me with complete shock.

Handing him the cold bottle, he took a swig and winced; i could tell he wasn't much of a drinker.

"Once I carried my ex girlfriend home over my shoulder, she had fallen asleep at the park we visited that evening. When she went over my shoulder she was wearing a pair of really expensive, brand new trainers.  After the long walk to my front door in the dark, I looked down and saw one foot with a trainer on it, and her other foot just had a sock on it. I thought it was hysterical, but she wasn't happy when she woke up."

We were both dying of laughter, and I felt his hand innertwine with mine. The contact of his cold hand made me shiver. "Psst, the beer bottle is empty," he whispered against my hair. "But I have one last confession."

I cocked my head and he grinned. "The entire time today.." I wiggled closer, my head against his chest, hot skin sticking against his abs underneath the thin white cotton. The car was off, and the windows were shut tightly. The car windows were only tinted with the premanufacted darkness, but the sun was beating down on us. The cold beer kept us as cool as possible, but nt well enough for Liam. "..All I've wanted to do is kiss you."

I cut him off before letting him say anything else, pressing my lips lightly against his. My hand let go of his and gripped the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me. His hand found my hair, the other digging into my hipbone. The way the rich beer mixed with the sweetness of my chapstick drove me insane, and mixed unintently well with the remains of mint gum we both had before our journey around the town.

He pulled away and his cheeks flushed with color, the pinkness forming around his face as he bit his lip, trying to hide the obvious smile. His hands still played with my hair, weaving in and out in an almost soothing matter. There were no need for words, I knew now how much I care about Liam.
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