Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


45. 44

Our minds were tired, our eyes were heavy but, we were all so excited to return home. The cool wind chill hit my face and it was rejuvenating. Almost like when I moved here and the English air hit me and it was so refreshing and I felt like a new person.

We split up once we reached our cars, Bella and I together since we still (sort of) live together. Her little car wasn't big enough to fit two tall, lean boys anyways. 

It was a little over an hour drive to get to the flat and it was the perfect time to talk about the trip and how much fun we had. It reminded me of when we were growing up and we always talked about having these types of conversations. That one day we would live in a cute flat in London and that we would come home and visit with our boyfriends and we would have the time of our lives. And we did. It's always nice to see mom and Blakely especially because we were both homesick.

It was such a beautiful day out. We had the windows rolled down slightly, we played groovy indie music, and we experienced some of the famous London traffic that we surprisingly missed. 

"So, you think the boys had fun?" Bella turned down the music a little and smiled at me.

"I know Liam did, he said he loves coming to America, especially the tropical areas," I stated, thinking about him suddenly.

"Yeah, Harry loves mom," She began. "he thinks she is just like you in the looks and the personality." 

We both laughed because if he saw my dad then he would think otherwise. My dad and I were two peas in a pod. Well we were. Ever since birth, I've has always been like my dad. We looked the same, acted the same, it was a no-brainer that I'm a product of him. 

"Yeah, Harry would have loved my mom." She said, looking at the window, trying to hide any emotion.

"We all miss her, Bells." I said with such sympathy but, I couldn't take the intensity of the car so I changed the topic.

"Yeah well she is in a better place," I smiled and then turned up the radio. "OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T HEARD THIS SONG IN FOREVER!" She yelled- we were listening to some classic Artic Monkeys.

"Well yeah, I play this mix tape every time I get in the car. And it's been a while since you have traveled in this car."

"Yeah, Harry likes Indie but, not like Arcade Fire Indie, he listens to the 1975 CD more than anyone I've ever known. If you would categorize them as Indie."

We both laughed and enjoyed the rest of the car ride in silence, minus the music.

When we pulled into the driveway of the flat, I noticed the front door slightly opened. I didn't say anything because I thought maybe the jet lag was getting to me and I was too tired for my own senses.

We got our bags out of the trunk and we walked up the few steps and she finally said something about the door.

"...What the hell?" She whispered before pushing the door ajar.

"Maybe it's Harry and Liam pulling a prank or something." I said, walking back into my room and dropping my stuff off. 

When I came back out, Noah was sitting on the couch. Just sitting there so calmly. It made me suspicious and I was honestly scared. I was pulling my phone out of my back pocket but he stopped me.

"Don't think about it," He said. 

Finally I heard footsteps from the hallway and Bella walked out and gasped.

"Oh Bella, how are you? Still with that Harry guy? I heard he was a prick but, that's why i'm here. Not for you though." He smiled at her and it was a devil corrupted smile making me feel nostalgic for moment.

"I'm here about my baby Brook," He began. "she doesn't seem happy with this new Liam guy." 

He stood up and began to talk around me, I could hear Bella's heavy breathing and I knew she was scared but, what's the worse he could do?

"I'm actually happier than I've ever been." I asserted.

He sat back down and rose his arm in the air-pointing a black object at me. I never knew how scared I was until it was being pointed at me. Bella gasped and although she was only a foot away from me, I really needed to protect her because I know he will hurt her if she tries to run and right now, I could tell that was gonna be her only option.

"What do you want Noah?" I asked, irritated.

"I want you to come back to me. I miss you, and I know you miss me. If you come with me, no one will get hurt. " He smiled again at me and then at Bella.

"Noah, calm down! We were a high school fling, nothing more. Please just leave and I won't call the cops or press charges." I tried saying but, the boys were approaching and I couldn't risk their lives.

"So is that a no?" He said, slowly beginning to move his fingers to the trigger.

The door handle shook and the door was pushed open and I looked to the door to see Liam and Harry but then I heard the loud bang and I was thrown off my feet and I hit my head on the corner of the desk. I felt the blood drip down my face but, I was more curious about my surroundings. Liam calling the police while holding Noah down, and I couldn't find Harry until I turned around and saw him hovering over Bella.

My eyes widened at the sight and I felt the tears quickly roll down my face as I screamed out in terror, Harry also sobbing hysterically.

I crawled over to them and he had her blood on his grey t-shirt and she looked at both of us and smiled. It was her best smile, the one where her lips curve up and she just looks so happy. But, we knew she was in so much pain. 

"It's gonna be okay," I started. "Everything is gonna be okay, just stay with me." 

Finally I saw her lips try and move, and her eyes were beginning to close and I could feel Harry shaking under her, his curls sticking to his face with the tears that fell like waterfalls, and were beginning to fall harder as she faded.

"NO. NO. BELLA STOP, THIS ISN'T YOUR TIME. STOP." He was getting so furious and she just smiled and placed her hand on the wound and put pressure and winced at the pain. 

"It will be okay. This is perfect. I love you so much, Harry. I'll always love y-ou." She stuttered that last word and smiled again. I noticed that her eyes were closing and I began to sob hysterically. 

"No! Bella please! No! Please don't leave me," Harry was holding her empty body and he held her so close as though she was just asleep. He was soaking her shirt with the salty tears he couldn't help but let all fall out at once. I sat back and placed my head between my knees and let out all I could. One by one, the tears were falling as police men were trying to talk to me and paramedics were trying to take her from Harry and he was fighting them, refusing to let her go. 

Eventually Harry lost all control and became weak. The paramedics were able to take her away and a few came over to me to check my head wound. But, I was blank. My mind, my heart, my life, it just turned completely blank.

I even noticed Liam sobbing in the corner and Harry was finally somewhat calmed down enough to talk to the police. I wasn't even under stable condition to think nor speak. There was this part of me that just felt vacant and broken. The kind of broken that I won't ever be able to fix but, I'm so scared to throw it away just so I can look back at it and hope it mends itself.

"Brooklyn?" I heard an unrecognizable voice and looked up to find a man who looked like a detective.


"I'm very sorry about your friend but, we need you to tell us what happened."

So I told the man about what happened, and let him know a little background knowledge on Noah and when I told him that Bella took the bullet for me, I broke down and I felt a hand wrap in mine. I looked up to see Liam. His eyes were bloodshot red, his knuckles were turning purple, and his voice sniffles became more constant as I cried into his shoulder.

"Thank you, I promise he'll be locked up for a long time." The man said and I just shook my head and continued to sob into the crook of Liam's neck, trying hard not to think about what just happened.

I heard a zipping noise and I lifted my head and saw them zipping her up slowly, emphasizing the fact that she was dead and there was no turning back.

I noticed Harry with his head against the wall, covering his eyes so no one could see. So, I finally gathered the strength to use my legs and I stumbled over to the boy I once hated. 

"Harry," I whispered, stumbling over the word.

He lifted his head and I could see the tears that stained his cheeks. He was in the worst shape I've ever seen him in. 

"She is just gone.." He whispered, his voice cracking at the word 'gone'.

My arms threw around his midriff and he shoved his head into my neck, smothering his sobs to a low roar.

"I never even got to say goodbye!" He yelled.

"All she said was that it was okay and that it was perfect, BUT IT'S NOT!" He began yelling. "And that she loves me and that she'll always love me."

"Harry, it's going to be okay!" I started yelling back. "One day, you will look back on this day and smile because you know that she was able to see you before she died and she was able to even say something to you! She will ALWAYS be looking down on you smiling and waiting for you to smile back because that's ALL she ever saw in you! She only saw the good in you and for heaven's sake, she just wants you to move on! We all need to move on after this! We can't hang on to her because she isn't hanging on the other side of this rope of life that we all hopelessly cling on to." 

"The worst part was, she volunteered to let go and she did it for the good of others," He whispered, almost completely calmed down.

"Which was stupid because she had so much going for her and she wasted it on an alcoholic who has boy problems that followed me around until somebody really got hurt and I need her to know how sorry I am. That should be me in the black duffle bag. I should be the one with the bullet in their heart, the one who is going to go onto the next life and just be filled with relief for the rest of my life." I stated furiously.

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