Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


5. 4

I walked inside and Bella ran up to me. "Where the hell were you? I was worried sick!" She looked at me and my free hand was still fumbling with the door; I was hoping Liam had left already.

Slipping the paper in my pocket that had Liam's number scribbled on it, I shook my head and practically scoffed. "Does it really matter to you? I thought you didn't want to see me, so I left for the night."

Her face was blank. She didn't even blink. She just stared at me,with complete disgust plastered across her face. Bella shook her head again. "Don't. Don't go again like that. I was terrified, honestly I was."

I nodded and she tugged on the sleeve of Liams shirt. "Where'd you get this from?" I looked at my feet and walked towards the living room, dropping the heels in my hand. "A friend." I said, as emotionless as possible. I didn't want her under my skin questioning about a guy. I could never explain how I slept with a bandemember because he felt guilty from too much fame. But it didn't work.

"What friend?" She came up behind me and I just shrugged. "Oh, you wouldn't know him personally. He's just uh.. His name is Liam.." I spun on my heels to face her, and she seemed completely shocked. Did she know who I was talking about? "That explains the fancy ass car! Oh my god, how long have you known Liam fucking Payne?"

I shushed her and smiled. "I'll explain in the car ride. Lets go out tonight, yeh'?"


"I'm going to try and not drink tonight, you can if you want." I nodded and grabbed my coat, fumbling out of her car. "No don't bring that! Look at the line for coat and bag checkage!" I sighed, slumping my shoulders and taking it off, putting the coat back in the passenger seat.

Once we made it inside we both headed for the dance floor, the heavy bass beat shaking beneath the heels I squeezed my feet in. It sickened me, innocent girls grinding against random guys. They just looked at these girls as their next victoms in bed. Was that what I was to Liam?

Making my way over to the bar I could practically feel time slipping through my fingers with every drink I chugged, every whiny electric song booming through the speakers. The vodka was like shots of electricity zapping through my veins, sending me more and more over the edge. I shook it off, I couldn't let myself give into the alcohol too soon. It numbed the pain in my head, though, but I had to resist.

I headed back to the dance floor one last time, locking eyes with a boy. He headed my way with a slight smirk. Arms snaking around my waist, his stubble rested against the back of my neck, lips resting against my ear. "Dance for me, and maybe I'll take you home."

The next thing I knew, my elbow met his rib cage and he was off, and I headed for Bella as fast as possible. "Brooklyn, is everything okay?" I grabbed her wrist and headed for the exit. "We need to get out of this hellhole."
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