Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


38. 37

Bella's P.O.V.:

I woke up the next morning feeling like my head had been banged against the wall a hundred times but, I was used to that feeling by now. I turned over and saw that Brook was still sleeping. We spent the whole night talking about things we used to talk about like, books and movies and coffee and magazine covers and how much sugar we both like in our tea- she likes none now. She said that Liam was gonna take her out to the British Virgin Islands which meant that I had to be here and deal with Harry.

I slowly slipped out of Brook's bed and shuffled my feet along the soft carpet out into the kitchen. I started the coffee maker and then there was a knock at the door. It was only like nine in the morning, who is even awake in the city at this time?

I opened the door and there was no one there. Just some flowers.

I picked up the flowers and they were my favorite kind, pastel pink orchids. It had a note attached to it and it read:

"Bella, I'm so sorry I left without even saying goodbye. Liam told me to just go and I didn't have a choice to go say goodbye. I spent my entire trip in Paris fighting with old friends and I did it all for you. I don't think I could ever leave again, not without you at least. I know you wake up at 8:50 every morning but you don't get out of bed till 9, just in case you were wondering how I knew what time you were getting up. Please forgive me, I never meant to hurt you like that. Come over when you can forgive me because I missed you so much. Love Always, H. xx"

I can't believe he even did this. Did he think I was just gonna accept his apology on a tiny piece of paper? I wasn't. He should've fought for me when Liam told him to leave. I actually need to go talk to Liam, if he can tell me a good reason why Harry "puts me in danger" then I'll consider forgiving Harry and Liam but if not, I can't forgive either of them.

I went into Brooks room, told her I was leaving, grabbed my coffee, put on my shoes and left. I decided to take Brook's car because she had GPS and I could easily find Liam's address in the recent tab.

I pulled up in his driveway and Harry was here. Fucking perfect.

I knocked on the door and thankfully, Liam answered.

"Um, hey why did you take Brook's car?"

"Thats non of your business. We need to talk."

"Now isn't really a good ti-"

"Li who is it?" Harry called, walking behind Liam and pushing the door open more.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" Harry said.

"I came to talk to Liam but, maybe you both can do a little explaining."

Their faces went white and Liam let me in. I pushed by both and went to go sit down on Liam's couch. It looks like they were doing a little apologizing to each other because Harry brought Liam coffee.

They both sat on the couch and Harry sat next to Liam, knowing I would probably swing at him if he tried to sit next to me.

"Liam you can go ahead and explain why you told him to leave because I still don't understand."

"I just think he is dangerous and there are people out there that could hurt you to get back at him. And the way he acted before you guys were all goody goody towards each other, he was a fucking asshole." Liam said.

"No, you know what? You're a fucking asshole Liam. You knew how much he meant to me and you just told him to leave and the worst part was, you didn't even let him say goodbye. I'm fucking done with you thinking whats right for everyone. I was just a little scared from that day, it doesn't mean that he hurt me. You over-fucking-think things and it pisses me off. When you take Brook to the islands you better apologize for taking her to rehab and not even consulting her about it, not even asking if she would just get sober."

"You were perfectly fine with it a-" Liam started.

"At the time, yes. Because ya know, she has been drinking for a long time. I thought she needed it and now that I have had time to think about what it's like for something to be taken away from you, it fucking sucks." 

"And Harry, you didn't even call me! It wasn't like I was gonna announce it to the whole world that my boyfriend that left out of nowhere called me-or even texted. That's what makes you a big asshole. So, if you could just tell me why you didn't do that, it would be great." I said, looking at Harry- who was speechless that I was practically yelling at the both of them.

"Because I knew that I was putting you in danger. I had to get that taken care of and put to the side so that when I came back here I would have no more worries. But, if you think for one minute that I didn't want to call or text you, you're wrong. I listened to every drunk voice mail and worried about what you were gonna do if no one was there to stop you from drinking. I just wasn't gonna leave right when I got there just because Brook came and told me to. I finished what I had to finish and I'm back. With all the problems in the world, solved." Harry said.

The way Harry said that, I could tell he was angry that I thought he forgot about me and ignored me. I was actually surprised when Liam left the room a few seconds later. He stormed off upstairs and slammed the door. It was just me and Harry.

"I just want the feeling that I don't have to go back to being how I used to be. Someone who brings home girls every night and fucks them all without even giving a damn about the night before or the next night. I don't want to go back to that ever again. I hated that part of me and there was one person who took that part of me away, you." Harry said, lowering his voice so only I could hear.

I was getting sensible and I knew it was time to leave. I got up and started walking out but, Harry got up fast and pulled me in close and I could only stare into his emerald green orbs. Restless. 

"Baby, I need you." He whispered, smashing his lips against mine. 

It was such a happy feeling. I remember the softness of his lips and the mint toothpaste that lingered in his breath. He knew that was gonna make me weak in the knees.

I pulled back and I just broke down. I didn't know what to feel, so I cried.

"Just don't leave me anymore." I said, trying to talk through my cries. 

He was holding me close and I missed that feeling more than anything. 

"Liam!" Harry yelled.

Liam came out of his room and saw that we were hugging and I was crying and rushed down.

'What's wrong? What happened?" Liam said.

"Nothing, just take Brook's car back to her."

"Where are we going?" I said, looking up.



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