Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


37. 36

"Don't ever leave me alone with your vodka in a damn hotel room ever again. Are you stupid?"
"A bit."

The car came to a screeching hault in the driveway of Harry's house. The rubber from the tires squeaked and squealed as we backed into the slippery wet drive. We stepped out and there was a mutual positive sigh- it was nice to be back where we belong.

The house door slammed shut and we jumped, watching Liam sulk as he threw away a bag stuffed of assorted liquor bottles. I kept silent, eyes on him watching him take careful steps with every move he made. I went into panic mode, yet when neither Harry nor I were noticed by Liam the panic disappeared and annoyance quickly flooded through.

Liam had re-entered Harry's house and something shattered with the slam of a door inside. A string of curse words loudly shouted after could be clearly heard from where we were, but the voice didn't belong to Liam.

I sprinted to the front door to see what was going on, not worrying about any belongings of mine left in my car- everything would be returning home in my car anyways.

The front door swung open as I was running up to the house. Liam was standing in the doorway now with yet another bag, grinning. He'd been staring at me at that very moment, his eyebrows furrowing as his eyes squinted in my direction. Was he really there, right in front of me? My chest tightened, my heart beating rapidly underneath the heaviness of my skin. Before I knew it he pulled me into a hug without hesitation, dropping the bag at the same time. His towering height came down and he enveloped me in his arms, bringing me into his chest with as much kindness in his entire being. My heart pounded and I could hear his doing the same and everything seemed like a blur that only existed in fairytales. But this is reality, and maybe reality can hold that fairytale-like ending that are always happy, throughout all the doubts and odds. He lifted me and spun me around, and I felt like it warmed my heart and broke it at the same time. 
"Don't leave like that again. No more leaving, please."

The scent of Harry's house sickened me after we had eventually stepped in. It smelt like every form of alcohol to ever exist, and from the sights of that house someone had accomplished drinking them all. Bottles and magazines were strewn across every inch of carpeting and hardwood. Had Bella been here drinking while I was gone? There was no possibility she could have been. It made me light headed, thinking about the flask of vodka only Harry knew I drank.

Trying my best to ignore it, I noticed Niall rummaging through what appeared to be glass sprawled all over the bathroom floor. 
"What the hell are you doing?"
Harry beat me to ask, and I wondered when he let himself in.
"Well yeh see mate, I came into the bathroom to fix my hair and nearly tripped over the mirror bits all over the ground. Don't s'pose you heard my outburst." 
"That doesn't explain what you're still doing in the bathroom with a destroyed mirror."
"Only you can fix her broken heart, so the least I can try to do is to fix the broken mirror."

The shadow behind me quickly disappeared, down the labyrinth of a hall until the bedroom door was tightly shut.
"You jackass!" Bella's weary and weak voice changed from one tone to the next in a matter of only two words, her voice roaring through the house, everyone turning their heads in the direction of her booming voice.

"She finally spoke." Liam murmured.
Niall nodded and frowned; everyone returned back to what they were doing before.

There was a low thunk and voices too low to catch what were being said flooded the air, as we all tried to ignore it.
The voices grew louder the more you paid attention, and the less you paid attention the more antsy you grew to not knowing what was going on in the next room.
"You can't apologize now for your mistakes Harry, for Christ's sake you left without saying goodbye!"
"I'm not leaving you again like that, alright? Im sorry. Im a dick. Im the biggest fucking asshole in the world and Im stupid - Im a fuckup and yeah my nights were long as hell with me worrying what to do with you not by my side. But Im here, alright, yeah? Im here and Im coherent and Im so fucking sorry, Bella."
"That's too late, you've done too much damage! You fucked with my emotions too much, don't you understand? I don't like fighting with you, but no matter how hard I try it always ends like this. "

Another second went by and the voices stopped, footsteps were most evident at this point. Bella came storming out of the bedroom as she slammed the door shut with all he might- not looking back-, her face flooded with tears.
"Brooklyn? Come home with me tonight, please. I don't want to be alone another terrible night. Not now. Not ever. I need to be able to know you're in the next room, I can't feel empty like this any more." She started crying again, shaking and hiccuping in between each short breath.
"Yeah, of course I'll stay with you. You're going to be fine, you're just freaking out and need to take a deep breath. Okay?"

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