Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


36. 35

Bella's POV:

I woke up cold, sweaty, itchy, aching, thirsty, my head hurt, my stomach hurt, my eyes hurt, everything hurt at the moment. When I was finally able to pull myself up, I stumbled over the pile of empty beer bottles and red solo cups. It was so convenient that he kept a stash of them and the beer and liquor were also convenient.

My body started to definitely feel an increase in pain as I walked to the bathroom, throwing up everything I tried to down last night. I got up once again from the floor I knew to well, and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Distorted. Not the same. Never will be the same. My make-up was smeared from tears, my body had permanent goosebumps and I feel as though my mind was completely fucked.


Fuck. Liam was here. How did he get in? The key under the doormat. Fuck. I can't pretend I'm not here, he'll search and find me. I took another look in the mirror and lost it. My arm swung toward the mirror and I hit it with all the force I could apply and it did the perfect amount of damage. The mirror was shattered and the pieces were all over the counter and a few pieces on the floor. My knuckles were bleeding and damaged but, it made me feel a little better about myself. 

"HOLY FUCK." Liam opened the door and grabbed my hand, running it under cold water and suddenly I had the burning painful feeling again. He was shaking his head like he knew I was gonna do this and he took the risk but, it wasn't all his fault. I literally cheated on Harry and then came the part where it is Liam's fault. For one, he sent Harry to wherever and secondly he left me alone with Zayn, which he obviously thought was a genius idea.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Same question to you. But, I was making sure you didn't roam the town looking for Harry." He replied, drying my hands off with a towel then pulling out bandages from under the sink.

"Where else would I go? Not back home because I made a big mistake there, not gonna look for Harry because I know he isn't gonna be in town and I don't want to stay with family or friends because I don't want them to worry." I replied softly.

"I checked Harry's room. It's the only room you haven't left a disaster, except for clothes on the floor and the bed unmade. Why?" 

I smirked. He really didn't understand why I was so hurt at the heart. Harry's room brought back memories that I feel like made my life so good and I loved every minute we spent in that room. Going back in there would mean remembering the boy I lost and the boy I needed and the boy I was crazy for. If he isn't coming back, I don't even wanna step foot in there. Except for the first day I was there. I just sat by the window and drank though. To take away the pain and I spent a lot less of time in there when I started to remember Harry. His thick brown curls, his such flat stomach, his meaningless tattoos, his dimples, his smile, the greenness of his eyes, the everything. Every little feature I could remember was always engraved in my mind. It was insane, I was going insane. 

"Memories you wouldn't understand." I got up and walked back into the living room, picking up the house so, I could have a clean house to fuck up again. But, I turned and Liam wasn't there. He was still in the back. I was curious to what he was doing so, I dropped the already half-full trash bag and walked back just to see that Liam was in Harry's room. My breath was starting to get heavy as I pushed the door open and stepped an inch inside and saw Liam searching for something.

"Looking for something?" I asked cockily.

"Yeah, a little black box." He said lowly, still continuing to look.

My legs traveled slowly, trying not to trip over the clothes on the floor. My hand reached the wooden post at the end of his bed and I just ran the tips of my fingers across it and over the unmade bed.

"FOUND IT." Liam pulled out a box and opened it. His hand went into the box and pulled out a gold locket. It was in the shape of a heart and it opened.

"Did he ever tell you about Mia?" Liam opened it, showing me the picture inside. He was holding another girl, who I was guessing was Mia, and kissing her cheek. 

"Uh, no." I replied, taking the locket and examining the picture.

"Well, Mia was Harry's first real girlfriend. I mean high school he had girlfriends but, she was definitely the most real thing to him. She meant the world to that kid. He would take her out and buy her things. One night he went out and bought her a gold locket. One that opened and you could put a picture in. When he got back, she wanted to go out to dinner and of course, he was okay with it. So he took her to a fancy restaurant and bought her drinks. Now, that guy that was here a few days ago was Harry's best friend in high school. Well, they saw him at the restaurant and the guy, Sean, greeted them but, Harry was very erm, friendly towards him, even though Harry hated him. Sean always took the girls from Harry. So, think of Sean as a fisherman and the Harry as bait. Harry hid his emotions and greeted him and let him sit down but, Harry kept very close to Mia. Then I guess Sean invited them over to his new flat for a drink and catch up and Mia insisted. Knowing Harry, he wasn't gonna say no to her. So they went to his house and had a few drinks but, in the middle of the night he got a call from his mum and he stepped outside to talk to her, not thinking about Sean and Mia, and  after the call he went back inside to find Mia and Sean on the couch, making out. So Harry stormed out and left her there, where they probably fucked because Mia was heartless. But, the following day Harry mourned. He loved her and missed her and he could never be mad at her. Now, during the day she stopped by and gave Harry the locket back. We all told him to burn it, throw it in the ocean, sell it and he just kept it." Liam looked at the locket.

"Wait, why does the engraving say forever?" I said, furrowing my eyebrows and rubbing my thumb over the words. 

"Uh, I don't know. He must have done that a long time ago. The box is dusty so it's been here for a while." Liam said, taking the locket and putting it back in  the box.

"So, how about you get home and the boys and I will stay here and clean up. I'll get like Louis to stay with you or something. Just don't mourn anymore. You'll be alright. Just think he won't be here to hurt you." Liam said lowly, helping me off the floor.

"He doesn't hurt me okay. And I'm not going home till he comes here." I rose to my feet and walked out of the room furiously. He hurts me? He's a bad person? I don't need him? He forgot what love was after Mia? I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it. None of it's true. They all sit on a throne of lies and beliefs. It's sad that his best friends don't know him.


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