Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


32. 31

Harry's POV:

I could sense the fear by the way she talked also by the shaking of her hands. I can't blame her, it was scary. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. I tried to calm her down by rubbing her arm, but she shrugged me off.

"I need to take this off, I'm burning."

She peeled off my large 'Teenage Runaway' sweatshirt, tossing it to the backseat and falling lightly in a ball on the floor boards. I turned the air on so she wouldn't get any hotter. For once it wasn't raining, and the heat was unbelievably hot.

When I pulled up in the driveway, I knew I had to tell Liam about what just happened but, Brooklyn and Bella needed to be left out of this. I wanted it to be kept as civil as possible, but sometimes things don't work out the was you want them.

"I'll go in first," I told her before she unbuckled her seat belt. 

"Um okay." She seemed confused, but willingly accepted it anyways. I knew things were building up to become more and more tense, I just couldn't watch her fall apart because of today.

I got out of the car and saw Brook in the window for a quick second before she ran to the door. Her motions kept quick and she seemed buzzed, yet I knew Liam wouldn't allow that whatsoever.

"Where have you two been?" She rushed past me and to the car door to pull Bella out, nearly knocking off of my feet with a full force blow to the chest by her shoulder as she brushed by me.

I let myself in the wide open door, all the cold air being let out. I sealed it shut so the four of us would be separated into two groups. Liam was sitting at the table on his phone not paying any attention to me.

"Hey Li." I spoke in a mellow tone.

"Oh hey, how are ya?"

"Er, good." 

Seconds later I heard Brook running up to the door and she seemed mad. She, along with Bella trailing behind, busted in demanding answers as she was inches away from me. She stood as close as possible, trying to portray herself to seem tougher than she was. I remained to tower over her, and she couldn't do anything about height except to stand on her tippy toes.

"Listen Harry, keep your lips off my girl. I don't care what you say, nor who you are. You can be in a fancy boyband all you want, I'm not stopping you. But when you climb inside Bella's pants thats where I need to step in, because thats where you- along with any other boy- cross the line. Shes mine, you hear me? I don't care if you put a ring on her finger, Bella will always belong to me in one form or another because I was there for her when nobody else was."

I shook my head and stepped away, letting her know I understood where she was coming from. Maybe I was wrong, maybe she was a lot tougher than she looked. Any time I encountered the wrath of Brooklyn, she was drunk. But, now thats shes not, she seems even worse when it comes to arguments.

By now Bella was attached to Brooklyn, and from what I could see she was sobbing. They were both curled up on the couch, side by side, and Bella had her face hidden behind Brooklyn's blonde hair. Did Liam say something to her I didn't notice?

"Brook, why is Bella crying?"

She looked at me and shook her head, going back to calming Bella down. She pulled a creame colored blanket from off the back of the chair and wrapped it around Bella, rubbing off the tears puddling on cheeks with the silky material.

I felt someone behind me and knew who it was already.

"Harry, outside." Liam growled. 

I could hear Bella inside calming down and trying to explain to Brook what happened but, she was shushed by Brooklyn and she told her not to worry about it. Maybe Brooklyn was right, maybe she took better care of Bella than I did.

"Really Harry? You get her to stay with you for a few nights and then you fuck her? Thats your plan with every girl for the rest of your life isn't it?"

Liam attempted to knee me, but I winced in fear and he retaliated. I knew we both didn't want another bloody night like the last.

"She could have said no! We both agreed, it wasn't like this is all my fault. Why are you freaking out about that anyways? You didn't even know Brooklyn and took total advantage of her when she was drunk!"

"Thats not the point, goddammit!"

"Your right its not! Sean came over today and almost took her from me!"

"Now you put her in danger? How could you call yourself her fucking boyfriend?"

"Never, just let me explain." I choked out.

"Let me explain something to you. Get out of town. Leave and don't come back. She is ten times better without you. You put her through so much trouble and you make everyone else feel worried. Get in your nice car, and leave. Don't call or text her. She doesn't need you so leave."

"No, please. She may not need me but, I nee-" I pleaded.

"LEAVE." Liam growled.

He went back inside and I got in the car and drove off. My thoughts were jumbled and I needed to just hold her. She knew how to get my mind off things and I don't know how long I could go without her. I thought about stopping by the house, but then I realized that I needed to spend some time away- the memories at my house are just too strong.

Where was there to go? I couldn't go to Zayn nor Niall's, they were too close to Liam and would rat out my hiding spot. Louis never kicked me out of his house, but it would seem too awkward for me to go there. Home, home is with Bella. I cant go home. Was Liam right? Was I in fact too much trouble for Bella? No, she knew the danger she was risking when she agreed to even stay with me.

And in that exact moment I knew where to go, I had to go to Sean's.

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