Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


31. 30

Bella's POV:

I could feel myself slowly wake up to the sound of Harry's bare chest rising up and down, snoring lightly with his face buried in the crook of my neck. I knew it was still early, and didn't want to get up, but my thoughts clouded my head and I couldn't shut my eyes without last night playing through my head.

"Theres a first for everything," I whispered to myself as I sighed.

Nothing about last night was regretful, I wanted to make sure Harry stayed by my side forever. His words seemed true when he promised me he would never leave, yet something makes me think otherwise. I knew my actions in letting Harry get what he wanted wasn't the best move to get him to stay- in fact I knew it was a very stupid choice. It seemed wrong, like things were being rushed; everything happened too quickly.

I felt a pair of soft lips press against my neck, the kiss quickly turning into a smile. "Can I take you out for breakfast this morning? You shouldn't leave now, that wouldn't be fair; especially since you put up with my nonsense last night."

I paused and took in the rasp in his voice, sinking back into the warm and cozy grip Harry had me in all throughout the earliest of the morning. The way we fit together was indescribable, it reminded me of that one puzzle piece missing, and when you find it the pieces all fit together. I knew he was already asleep with the reassuring steady pace of his heart beating and breathing. 

At some points I wanted to slip out of his touch and go home, but I knew it would be wrong. I couldn't go- not now. I knew he would quickly realize the emptiness of the bed, the warm spot where I once was turning cold and vacant. It would have been a terrible feeling I didn't want him to deal with, because the feeling can be comparable to rejection. I couldn't imagine him alone, feeling sick to his stomach- as if he felt guilty for ruining everything. It was a terrible feeling for myself, just the thought of it. So, I decided it would be best to stay.

The doorbell rang, sending both of us straight out of bed, putting on clothes immediately. Harry remained shirtless and walked out of the room, but I grabbed him back, poking a new bruise placed on his neck.

"Don't go get it, if its Brooklyn or Liam they'll know what thats from."

"You have them too," he replied sharply.

"Yes. But, I'm wearing a shirt- or a tank top at the least."

I grabbed his big hoodie and pulled it over the sheer tank top, running to the now open door. The tall man who was ringing the bell out front had let himself in, as if it were his own home.

"Hey, what are you doing here? This isn't your house get out!"

I stomped my foot as I said this, crossing my arms. I stood my ground and refused to move, furrowing my eyebrows and pouting. The boy turned around to face me, cracking his knuckles and slyly grinning.

"I can play this game too, you know." The voice didn't come from the boy in front of me, but in fact from behind him. It was Harry.

"Bella, could you call Brook and have her pick you up? I'm sorry, I just don't think I can take you out this morning."

"No! Tell me who the hell this is!"

I pointed at the man, my arm quickly dropping when Harrys face turned into pure fear.

"Please," he mouthed.

I shook my head and my gaze met with the person in the middle of us. He was staring me down like I was his next meal, and I certainly hoped I wasn't.

"Darling, you don't remember me?" He circled around me and picked up a strand of hair.

I shook my head, the fear from Harry transferring to me.

"Why should I? We never met."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude. I'm your, uh, I'm Harrys friend. And, I'm also your new airport best friend."

"Brooklyn is my best friend."

"Who? Oh, you mean the drab Swedish girl?"

"Shes not Swedish."

"Oh whatever, the girl who follows Liam around like a puppy."

"Quit talking about her like that!"

"Mmm, Harry. How much do I owe you for her?"

"What?" It was Harrys turn to argue with the unnamed man.

"Shes not a piece of property and you sure as hell are not taking another girl from me nor any of my friends. I'm sick of you, I don't want your cash. You can push me around all you want, but you cant touch my girl!"

The next thing I knew, Harry had me over his shoulder and we headed straight out the front door. I was so confused, who was that guy? I knew the moment he stepped foot in the house there was something terribly wrong. Harry had never seemed so upset since the day Brook left- even though he was upset for a completely different reason. I knew there were mistakes in the past and I needed to forget about them, yet they're memories that I just cant get myself to forget about.

"Harry, where are we going?"

"To your house, he wont follow us because he knows Liam is there."

"Who is this guy? Does he know everything? God, its like he's A from that show I had you watch with me."

"Well, he's close enough."

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