Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


4. 3

"Three wins in a row, how do you- shit my head hurts." I pulled my knees up and rested my forehead on the jeans I was in. "Is everything alright?" Liam put his hand on my shoulder, and I felt all the blood rush from my face. "I feel like shit." Liam helped me stand up and I bolted to the bathroom. "Brooklyn wait, I'll help you." I heard Harry's voice come from the living room and down the hall. His bare feet patted against the ground lightly, but enough to know he was headed my direction in an ever-so fast pace. I had my back pressed against the wall and my eyes shut as tightly as possible. "Do you need something to drink? I'll go get you a glass of water if you'd like, and I'm sure Liam can help too." I nodded and opened my eyes. Gone. "The bathroom is the door across from you." I looked down the hall and saw Liam. "My stomach hurts." I wrapped my arms around my waist and wanted to scream. With my head and stomach, I thought I was going to die. Running into the bathroom, I slammed the door shut and got everything out of my system from last light. I pulled all my hair back and had it in a bun. Opening the door, Liam was there with a glass of water. I thanked him and took the pill he handed me, and put his arm across the hall so I couldn't get out. "What are you doing?" I hissed. "Shhhh." I listened, and felt terrible. Was I really ease dropping on someone's conversation? "They're talking about you I think." I looked over to Liam again. He had his index finger over his own lips so we kept quiet. "She's really pretty, Liam's lucky." I couldn't figure out who's voice it was. "But Liam said they aren't together." It was an Irish accent this time. Niall. "Just wait here, I'm going to explain what happened last night." I nodded and sat in the hall, resting my head against the cold wall. "So you two actually..?" I think that was Zayn. He clapped a few times and I tried so hard not to laugh. You could tell the rest of the boys were snickering as well. "Yes but I swear to god if anyone beyond this group finds out I'll make sure you're shitting your teeth for the next week." I had to resist laughing, but I could tell Liam was being serious. He came back and tried to wipe away the seriousness in his facial expression. "Are you okay love?" I nodded slightly trying to not cause my head to hurt even more. I guess you could say that last night I had a little too much to drink. When I went back to join the boys for more games they all kinda stared at me. It wasn't a scared stare, it was more of a 'I know what you did last summer' look. "What?" They just stared at me. I felt uncomfortable for a while and I heard Liam behind me. He nudged me and nodded towards the door. I was definitely ready to get away from all the eyes on me. We both said goodbye to the boys and it was awkward because I knew that what happened last night definitely got out to the band. Liam gave this deadly stare to all of the boys and they all nodded like they had telepathic skills and could read each others minds. "I'm sorry about the boys. They were just shocked. Really shocked." "Oh, it's fine. I kind of expected it." He smiled out of relief and gave me a tight hug. I was trying not to become attached because he was more of a one night stand/ a friend. Hopefully, I would just take his number and we would never see each other. I just remembered that my room mate was probably pissing her pants right now over the fact I haven't been home in the 24 hours. She was mad at me as it was, and walking out and getting drunk wasn't tr smartest option, but it tends to be the only one. I was hoping that he was going to take me home so I could clarify I was alright and thankfully that's where he was taking me. "Is this it?" We pulled up to my flat and I saw Bella's black ford focus out front.

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