Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


30. 29

Brooklyn's POV:

With his bicep hooked lazily around my neck, Liam curled me closer into the crook of his neck.

"Stop moving," he complained in a voice that sounds much like a whining child and we both giggled. I took the opportunity to roll myself off of the couch and onto his hard floor in the living room of his oversized house. The carpet was squishy, and to my advantage didn't smell like sweaty feet.

I squirmed around on the plush carpeting until I was flat on my stomach, my hand struggling to reach my back as I pulled my phone out my back pocket. I never had the chance to change out of the clothes I came to Liam's house in. There was no sign of anything of Bella; no texts nor missed calls.

"Bella isn't at the flat, I don't think. She wont answer her phone. If she doesn't come back or answer me I'm going to Harry's and bringing her back myself."

I had been curled up in a ball on the corner of the couch all morning with Liam. Liam was now facing me, him sat up-right on the couch. The two of us were a complete and utter mess. I was up every other hour last night; tossing and turning. The temperature of the house seemed to range all over the place, going from 80f to 50f. The nightmare had scared me straight to the bone, and I didn't want to dream about anything ever again after that. It was like a living hell last night. It kept Liam up, for sure. His pupils weren't dialated, but his eyes were red. He must have been exhausted.

"Liam. When's the last time you've gotten a good nights sleep?"

He shook his head. "A while. I'm sure that's a mutual thing?"

"Yeah, for sure."

And it was. There was nothing to hide. Everything hurt and I felt I couldn't run away from the pain. I wanted to spend every second with Liam, under a blanket, just cuddling. I wanted to jump on the closest train and just go as far away as possible. I could feel myself slipping from under my fingers.

"What if I ran away?"

"I would be heart broken."

I looked at Liam, watching his eyes flicker around the room as he avoided my gaze. I could tell he meant it, I could never leave him again.

"Alright, you ask a question now."

Liam cocked his head to the side, looking at me as if I had made a huge mistake.

"Whats your favorite tv show?"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Tv is for brain-deads. I just remember curling up with a tub of ice cream and watching Skins as I tried to avoid any new confrontation with my grandma where I was the night before. God- she was the biggest pain. Didn't even let me eat without shovin' questions down my throat. It was the only enjoyable thing because I could connect to it, plus Tony is really hot."

Now Liam was the one laughing. "Could we watch it now?"

I shook my head. "Don't remind me of the teenage years. I was an idiot."

"Your still one though; so are you still an idiot?"


"Can we at least go back up to the bedroom and cuddle? We don't have to watch the telly."

"No no no, please no."

His face was priceless. "Why cant we cuddle?" He pleaded and whined, making puppy faces from the couch. "Why don't you want to cuddle with me," he says with a moan, throwing an arm over his sweaty head. He'd been burning up too from the awful air-conditioner, though considering the fact me being closer to him could result in a hotter temperature, he doesn't seem to notice or care.

"I don't want to, because the bedroom is like sacred ground. I don't want to unless I have to sleep, like last night. I would have been fine on the couch."

I shut my eyes for a second and smiled, I could hear the floor creak as I came closer to Liam every second.

"You know," he pressed a soft kiss to my lips for a moment before talking again. "For the record, if you did run away, I would follow after you. Because I don't want you ever out of my sight again. I was without you for too long. Now, you're all mine."

I held onto his face and stared at him, both if us waiting for each other to blink. It gave me a chance to actually look at him. I felt like I could melt into his eyes, ever feature was breathtaking and I just wasn't sure why he was mine. It was always a mystery to me.

"Do you think shes back?"

"Do you think Harry would let her go back?"

I sighed; he was right. Harry was highly protective over her - we both were. She was practically my little sister, never leaving my side and always in my business. I let her, though. I wanted to make sure she knew everything. We were constantly in touch if we weren't in the same room, and not hearing from her for so long was bizarre.

"Maybe they're both there. Lets go, your house doesn't have good movies anyways."

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