Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


26. 25

Liam pulled into the driveway of his flat but, didn't get out. He just sat there looking curious and confused.

"What's wrong Li?" 

His head shot towards me like he forgot I was there for a split second. He still seemed dazed and confused over something and there was no clues to what he is confused about.

"We should watch movies tonight. I just can't think of that actor in Silver Linings movie.The main guy, uh- uh-"

"Bradley Cooper?" I chuckled.

"YES. Okay we need to watch a good movie with him in it. What about Hangover?" He smiled at me but, it faded fast.

"Oh wait, nevermind. We can watch like something else." His answer changed quickly after.

"Why can't we watch the Hangover?" 

"I don't want you to have any thought of booze." He said it with such sympathy and coming from his point of view, I understand why he changed his mind.

"Fine. How about Titanic? I fall asleep when I watch that." He smiled and nodded his head.

Liam unlocked the front door as we both stepped inside and he put his keys,phone and wallet on the table as I went to go get the movie. Once I found it, I put it in his DVD player and sat on the couch next to Liam. He had his arm outstretched behind the couch, just making room for me to cuddle close to him. 


"Yeah whats up?" 

"Are you tired? Because I have a question for you and I just wanna make sure you are awake and aware of what I'm saying."

"Yeah, I'm waiting for a certain part of the movie before I allow myself to go to sleep. But ask away."

"Can we be like Jack and Rose?" 

I smirked at his comment.

"Jack dies at the end, love."

I could feel him breathing heavily as if he was trying to say something but, it was getting caught in his throat.

"I know. I mean, they met and fell in love and even when he died, she still loved him. I wanna be able to give you the last plank of wood to lay on when we are stranded in the middle of the Arctic Ocean." 

"I just won't be able to let go of your hand." My voice cracking as the words poured out.


My body felt so restless as I was falling asleep on Liam's shoulder. It had been forever since I could get a goodnight sleep and it was nice to be able to sleep with Liam.

Once my body was aware that I was sleeping it started to punch in the dreams. First it was Liam. Just Liam. Then out of nowhere the whole scene changes and I'm at a bar. I don't have a drink in my hand but, I make my way over to the bar where I would plan on getting one. I sat down at the bar and ordered a pure shot of vodka. Then I noticed someone staring at me from a distance. I turned my head the slightest to catch who it was and it was Noah- my crazy ass ex. He stalked towards me and sat in the chair next to me.

"Hey, Brook. How are you?" I grunted. 

"Noah, what do you want?" I snapped back.

"You." He smirked.

"Ew, Let's not." After this I took my shot and went to dance. 

When I found Liam, I danced with him for a while. His hands were controlling my hips, actually my whole body. He had one hand moving up my curves and the other hand remaining on my hip. Then suddenly, he wasn't there anymore. It was a split second that he just 'poofed' out of my sights. I went all around the club, looking for Liam. I checked the bar and the crowded dance floor, out front of the club and I decided to make my way back into the club and check the back door that led out to the back alley. My arm twisted the handle down and I pushed the door but, it only opened so far. I could hear the muffled voices. 

"C'mon Liam, don't think you can touch up on my girl like that." Noah was speaking so low and deep.

Then I was able to open the door just a little more and I could see their shadows in the streetlights. I saw one shadow fall to the floor, and another shadow on top, raising the one arm, up and down, creating a noise you hear when someone breaks a bone.

"So how about now? Gonna leave her alone?" I knew that it was Liam on the floor now.

I tried to open the door again but, I heard a groan and a cough.

"No." Liam whispered. 

I continued to push and bang on the door but, it was like I was all alone and no one could hear me or see me. I was alone again.


I woke up shaking and sweating. Liam must have taken me up to bed when the movie ended. I heard the door creak open and a tall shadow entering the bedroom.

"Hey, are you okay?" Liam rushed over to the bed sitting next to me.

"Yeah j-just a b-bad d-d-dream." I stuttered over my words due to the shaking and shivering. 

Liam walked over to the other side of the bed and crawled in next to me, pulling the covers up over him. His arm swung over my waist he sat centimeters away from me, creating the feeling of relief that it was only just a dream.

"Just go to sleep. Shhh. It's okay, I'm right here." Liam cooed me back to sleep. I went back to sleep but, decided to dream of nothing, such sweet nothing.

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