Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


25. 24

Bella squirmed in her chair as we all impatiently waited for someone to start talking. Liam's hand stayed locked around my thigh tightly with a smug grin plastered across his face.

"God, I cant do this." We all exhaled and our eyes followed where the voice came from. It was Harry. He looked pale, like he was about to pass out. "I can't."

Bella ran a hand through Harry's curls, all the paranoia and anxiety seemed to wipe away instantly. She pressed a light kiss to his cheek and her hair cascaded perfectly over her shoulder as she spun back around to face Liam and I sitting on the opposite side of the two.

"Do- do we just vent about anything, or what?" I decided finally to speak up. Nobody said anything and just stared, so I went on.

"I need a beer before I can do this," I murmered. Everyones eyes darted to meet mine, and I realized I must have been louder than I was in my head. "What? I'm not gonna lie. Being sober for so long hurts. It hurt being in rehab. Going from headaches from being tipsy or hungover to headaches and my hand going numb from not having a bottle there to ease the pain. And you know what pain I was trying to run from? The fact my own boyfriend abandoned me -- tricked me. Every day felt like there was a monster, a dark and heavy monster following me in my shadow, echoing my every footstep. And that monster craved attention from other people. It wanted people to look at me, raggedy and destroyed because I didn't have someone with me to hold my arm to support me walking. To show them how weak I was without you, Liam. The monster craved you too. It wanted you, specifically, to see how pitiful I was. How pitiful I am alone."

"Sir, your tea and coffee is brewed."

There was silence for a while after we realized we were the only ones in the small hole-in-the-wall shop Liam had us in, and I stood up. "No, please stay. I'll get it." Liam grabbed my hand and held me tightly in my seat as he got it.

"I'm going to tell him about the promises," Harry whispered.

"No." I said, nearly growling over the word.

Yellow by Coldplay was now humming softly through the old radio speaker, and I smiled as I nodded my head to the beat of one of my favorite songs. "I can play this song on guitar." I announced, as pointless as it was.

"And Harry, some things are better left unspoken of." He nodded, and Liam came back with the four steaming mugs shortly after.

"I- I want to talk about last night, after you two left," Bella said softly and slowly, trying not to stutter over her words. Her long eyelashes batted over her clear clue eyes- nearly the exact oppisite color of mine. She resembled the perfect "black Irish," as she was called, her black hair and blue eyes matching the exact description of what she was labeled as. She was the exact opposite of me, in all ways. I had the most unnatural-appearing blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. On good days my eyes looked fully black, blending in with my pupils.

"I think, I think the four of us shouldn't be alone. We need more than that, just because of tension issues. There's a lot now, and I'm sure we can all agree. But, after you two left it was easy. Things, they're getting better, nothing wrong is going on. We all had a big wake up call, we needed it. And, it's a whopping eleven o' clock. Harry needs to- uh-"

"I have plans at eleven thirty and Bella was going to give me a ride."

The four of us poured the assorted hot drinks into styrofoam to-go cups and stepped outside, where the wind was blowing hard and the sky was growing darker by the seconds, rain drizzling down on us lightly.

"Care to come to my place?" I looked to Liam who had his fingers interlocked with mine, the grin gone and a crooked and cheesy smile replacing it. I hadn't been to Liam's since the first night we met, ever since then I had been terrified to leave Bella's side. I had nothing to worry about now, she seemed to feel safe.

"Off we go then." Liam took the passenger seat and punched in the address in my phone for GPS as we drove off, not knowing what lied ahead for the rest of today.
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