Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


24. 23

Brooklyn's POV:

I woke up to the sun shining through the thin curtains of my dimmed and darkened room; the stiff cotton sheets in a mess. I heard my head ringing and felt hungover; yet I hadn't drank a sip of the thick and dark drink that ruined my life- I hadn't had any in so long. I sat up and grabbed my head, running my hand through my hair. I was confused for a moment, not remembering how I got home until I saw Liam sprawled out on the opposite side of the bed.

I groaned and swung my feet off of the bed and stood up stretching, my eyes meeting Liam's now open gleaming eyes.

"How was your rest sleeping beauty?" His voice was tired and raspy, needing to be forced to speak every syllable.

I grunted. "Fine."

I walked over to my closet and pulled back the sheer curtain, sighing in relief. God, had I missed my wardrobe.

"Are you hungry?"

I found two strong arms curl around my waist, Liam's stubbly chin resting on my shoulder. He nipped at the skin at the crook of my neck, and I squirmed as his grip tightened with every move.

"I'm starving. Can we go out for, like, tea and real food?"

He laughed and let go of my waist, spinning me around to face him. The ends of my hair spun with me, lifting up and out- spiraling like a tornado around my head. I giggled and lost my balance, Liam's hand caught me firmly underneath my elbow, while the palm of my hand rested against his shirt, balling up into fists as I rested my head on his warm chest.

"Real food it is."

Liam lifted up my chin and closed the space in between us.

"I've missed you so much Brook." His lips ghosted against mine- a thing he did frequently- knowingly that he was in fact taunting me.

"Get out, you aren't watching me change."

He smirked. "I've seen..." He paused and I watched his nose crinkle, as he took a few steps back, hands sliding down my arms and interlocking our fingers. "..I've seen a lot." The corners of his mouth tilted up and I shook my head.

"You remember it, I don't. That's not fair." I let go of his hands and pouted, bringing my arms across my chest in a criss-crossed fashion.

"I can stay, I'm your boyfriend."

I shook my head. "You cant. I'm embarrassed."

"Of what? You're beautiful," he murmured.

"Am not," I deadpanned. I didn't mean it because I wanted the attention, I didn't want him to say it again. For me, thats all I knew. No form of beauty defined me; no person ever wanted me to know the positive side of me. Putting me down was what made them feel good, and to me that was what was okay then.

His what-was-once a smile grew into a frown. "I'm serious babe. Theres nothing to be ashamed of. You're so beautiful, okay? Screw those who didn't tell you what you what you are. Beautiful. You're perfect. Don't hide."

I felt a smile come up on my face; just staring at the breathtaking features of his face made me smile. There was a silence of words, but we both knew what was truly going on and what could have been said.

Liam's thumbs ran against my cheeks and he pulled me in an embrace so tightly it nearly knocked the breath out of me. His hands played with my long hair and he pressed his lips against my forehead.

"Keep on smiling. You're so damn pretty and I want everyone to see that you're mine. It baffles me you don't know you are. Everyone else knows."

I nodded slowly and he let go of me. "I'll let you change, on your own."

We made a final agreement and he kissed my forehead lightly, his thumbs tracing my hipbones before walking out.

I wasn't sure what to wear, and settled with an oversized black Alice In Wonderland pullover. It came just above mid thigh, and i decided to add cute bow print stockings underneath, finishing everything off with black Vans. It seemed simple enough; we were just going out for breakfast- I hope.

There was a knock at the bedroom door that shook me out of thought.

"Come in!"

Liam was in the room and had his hands around my waist again before I could blink.

"So.." His voice trailed off and his eyes searched my face to find- undoubtedly- nothing. "I was, uh, thinking. Lets make this morning official and why don't I bring you and your beautiful self on a date. With me. If- If thats alright with you."

Liam seemed fidgety and anxious for my response, his arms running up and down my arms against the soft black fabric. He never was this way. Yet, he did seem to be courageous, and very determined to bring me out on a "date" this morning.

"You rehearsed this in the mirror," I said bluntly, my intentions to keep the thought in my head.

He nodded slowly.

"So, me and you? On a..... Date?"

He nodded again, the twinkle in his eye showing.

"Yeah, okay. I'm okay with that. Fair enough, right?"

He smiled and pulled me into a tight embrace, knocking both of us off our feet as we stumbled and hit the bed. I found myself pressed tightly to Liam, so I took advantage of it and got comfortable; nearly falling asleep to the sound of his heart beat in his chest.

"Brook, babe. I need to get dressed."

I shook my head and he pushed both of us, picking me up, and turning back around to throw me on the bed.

"Don't take too long." My voice squeaked and Liam chuckled.

"Okay little mouse, I promise."


The cab came to a hault, and Liam paid the driver as he rushed us out of the small car; hand in hand.

We walked inside and the bell above the door chimed, and I looked up to see where it was located.

"Where are we?"

Liam smiled and shook his head. "My getaway. Sit here, please."

He kissed my forehead as he pulled out a rickety wooden chair, knocking me off my feet as I sat impatiently. Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute played faintly over the radio and I hummed along, waiting for Liam.

Liam walked back to me, his phone pressed tightly against his ear. I looked at his hand, and realized they were still bruised from yesterdays horrid events.

"Babe, I have to take this call. Wait here, please."

I shut my eyes and brought my knees to my chest, and shortly after Liam walked in with two other people by his side; two faces that belonged to Harry and Bella.

I ran up to Bella and hugged her tightly, knowing now we wouldn't be separated as long as we were ever again. Harry stood by cautiously, and I avoided making eye contact with him.

"Liam wanted us to come this morning, if you don't mind."

I shook my head and lightly knocked Bella's shoulder with my fist.

"No. You cant stay."

She hit me back laughing.

"I'm joking dumbass, please stay."

The four of us sat down and when it began to get more quiet, Harry finally spoke.

"So, Liam. You said you needed to talk about something?"

Liam nodded and ran his hand against my thigh, causing me to jump from the ice cold touch.

He chuckled a little at my reaction, and then his gaze met Harry, his face turning serious.

"Yesterday. Can we just all kind of vent and be honest about what built up to yesterdays events? I don't want anything like the past weeks- months even- to happen again."
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