Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


23. 22

Brooklyn's POV:

"You've done great, I'm so proud of you. And, that Louis boy who came to visit is very charming! Are all of your guy friends this attractive?" I smiled at Miss Dee's comment and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah they are. Lou is really great." She smiled in reassurance. "Anyways, Liam will be here at three, I made sure someone would bring him here so the three of us can talk. We'd be keeping him past visitor hours, so please don't mention this to anyone."

I nodded.


There was a pounding knock at Miss Dee's door and I jumped out of my seat, us both rushing to the door.

"Liam?" I was swooped up into his arms and Miss Dee shut the door swiftly and stared at us with wide eyes. I ran my fingers against his neck, the other hand on his shoulder playing with the soft cotton of his navy blue jersey shirt.

"Why, Liam, why are you here?"

"Its Bella, she disappeared."

"Wait, what?" I felt my eyes swell up with tears.

"No!" I gripped his shirt even tighter, biting against his shoulder, holding back screaming. At this point, I would have chugged two beers. I was latched onto him, legs strewn around his waist, refusing to let my feet touch the ground. His hands were supporting underneath my legs holding me tightly, making sure I wouldn't slip.

"This cant be happening." I bit down even harder on his shoulder, knowing it would result in dark purple teeth marks.

"Brook, I need to put you down." I let go and dropped to the floor, watching Liam readjust his shirt. He turned around and he started talking to Miss Dee.

"Ma'am, please, I need to borrow Brooklyn for the rest of today. I'll make sure she doesn't drink anything shes been, uhm, avoiding. Please."

"You can take her, just go. I'll tell the girls you came and I said you can take her home."

"Are- are you sure?" She nodded and Liam faced me, pulling me into his arms.

"Look at me Brook." I did what he said and before I could blink his lips crashed onto mine.

"You don't know how badly I've been waiting to do that." His lips were ghosted against mine, not fully pressed but hovering still, he could lean in just a centimeter and we would be back to how we were. Miss Dee showed us the way out the back exit- the one I assumed Liam snuck in through. We made it to his car, and sped out of the dreadful place I knew I would never have to come near again.


"But, Liam this is Harrys house."

"Exactly. Just- just follow my lead please." We walked in through the front door and every door was shut. I checked the bedroom and heard the shower running, so I got Liam's attention and we walked over slowly.

"Liam, if Harry is in there where would Bella be?" He shook his head.

"He probably got her to fuck him in there."

We heard muffled voices fully clothed and Liam charged for Harry.

"How could you?" Liam's voice boomed through the house as his fist rammed into Harry, his entire body slouching in with every punch. Liam was huddled over his, with his body on the floor- seeming almost lifeless.

"Liam, STOP!" I saw Bella's eyes flash over to mine, and she realized I was in fact there.

"Bella you have to help Harry!" The two of us tan towards the scene, my hand pulling Liam away as Bella tried to pull Harry out from underneath Liam.

"I- I'm sorry. I overreacted." Liam grabbed me close, picking me up. "We need to go."

Bella's POV:

Liam dragged Brook out of Harry's house leaving the both of us lying on the bathroom floor. His head was rested on my lap and he was knocked out after Liam threw the third punch so, I sat there and waited for him to wake up. I stroked his dark brown hair that fell upon his forehead. For a minute I just stared at him then realized I wanted to clean up the blood that splattered on his face. I reached up to the counter in the bathroom and grabbed the damp wash cloth. When he was all cleaned up, I just sat there. Then he woke up. He tried to sit up but, he was grunting in pain so, I made him lay his head back down on my lap.

"What happened?" He coughed and grunted once again in discomfort and pain.

"Liam had a moment. He thought that you kidnapped me or something. He was just angry." I spoke quietly.

"You stayed." He whispered softly.


"You stayed with me until I woke up. Why?" My heart started beating faster.

"I honestly, didn't want to leave." It slipped. He faintly smiled at me. His hand went for my face and I let it. This would be almost the first kiss that we have ever had that wasn't forceful or crazy. My long dark hair fell over the both of us, hiding any view of our faces. When his lips met mine I fell apart. My mind was flying off the wall and my heart was beating so loud that Harry whispered into my ear.

"Relax" His accent was burning my eardrums. When I pulled away, he tried getting up and couldn't do it on his own.

"Can I help you sir?" He chuckled and nodded. My hand reached down for him and with his strength and my strength I could pull him half way up. I guided him to the bedroom and helped him lay in bed.

"Don't leave. Please." He was pleading.

"I dont have any clothes here to change into." He chuckled and pointed to the drawers.

"Oh right. Just kidding." We both laughed and I went to grab a pair of sweats and one of Harry's large t-shirts.

"Don't you have any shirts love?" He smirked.

"I do but, yours looked comfy." He patted on the empty space in the bed, informing me to go in with him. I peeled back the duvet and climbed into it, pulling the bed covers back up. Harry pulled my waist close to his. I was quite familiar with his body warmth as he was probably familiar with the coldness of mine.

"Are you cold love?" His eyebrows furrowed.

"No, I'm alright." He smiled then kissed my forehead.

"Thank you." He whispered softly.


"Forgiving me. Staying. Accepting the fact I have problems. Being the only inspiration on getting help from a therapist. Thank you."

"Expect to see me here a lot. Because I plan to stay." My mouth was moving slowly trying not to jumble my words and stutter. "A lot? Do you mean forever because I wouldn't mind." He grinned. 

"Maybe. But for now, I'm staying.. For a while..." My fingers traced light circles on his chest.

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