Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


22. 21

"Damnit Harry how the hell did you get in my house?" I screamed at Harry. Zayn look confused as much as I was. "I know you keep the spare key under the doormat." Harry smiled but, that quickly changed when he saw Zayn under me. He was grabbing onto my hip with one hand and the other one entwined with my mine. "So you really picked him over me? Wow this is something new. Actually it's not." I removed myself from Zayn's lap, gesturing Harry to leave. "Harry, leave. LEAVE." I shoved him through the open door about to slam it when he put his foot through the door. "I'll be back. Tomorrow." He then removed his foot from the door and stalked off. My heart was pounding 200 miles a second and I could barely breathe. I needed someone. That someone just so happens to be Zayn because he was standing right behind me as it Harry shoved his foot in the door. "Don't worry babe. I won't let him hurt you, I promise. But, I have to get home to Jade. Sleep tight okay?" He grabbed his leather jacket and I was gonna make him stay but, he did have a girlfriend. Technically, he made out with me and its not my fault because he was so irresistible at the moment and I wanted to. Does that make me a bad person? Yeah but, I'm going to hell anyways so I might as well live it up. "Okay, I'll see you around sometime?" I smiled and he kissed me yet again. My arms slowly went up to his face and brushed my fingers along the trace of black stubble. "Sometime? I'll see you tomorrow." He winked and walked off but, I had a question for him since he just kissed me for the second time. "ZAYN." "Yeah whatsup?" He called back. "Are you happy with Jade?" He looked down at the ground. "I'll see you later Bella." He got into his black Mercedes and sped off. My body was exhausted, along with my brain and my heart. Confusion rushed through me everywhere and it really sucked because I don't think I felt anything for Zayn but, I just wanted him. I wanted to brush my fingers across his dark stubble, run my fingers through his jet black hair, press my hands against his chest, leave dark love bites on his collarbone. I wanted him badly. My head ran back to the night I was playing with Harry and I had Zayn run his tongue over my bottom lip and then he would run his hand up my thighs. The memories gave me chills. I needed sleep and warmth. -- My eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the sunlight through the open window. I felt drunk and hopeless but, I needed tea to wake me up slowly. My feet shuffled across the carpet and out of the hallway. My eyes shot up when I saw movement at the counter. "Hey babe, I came by earlier and wanted to talk to you but, I spilt something on myself so I took a quick shower." Harry spoke very fast and it was hard to hear him. Especially when he was in just a white towel. His body was absolutely amazing. He had toned skin, abs, muscles, the "V Line", the happy trail. He was like artwork but, with a tragic story behind it. "Coming into my house again without permission again, are ya?" He chuckled and pointed to the steaming hot cup of tea. "I made you tea a few minutes ago." My brows furrowed and my feet traveled to the counter to receive the tea. Why was he making me tea? Wait, why was he here in the first place? Zayn was coming over later and wouldn't mind punching Harry in the face if he layed a hand on me-which was protective and I loved it. "Don't worry. It's just tea, there is nothing wrong with it." He grinned but, it seemed deceiving. My lips took contact with the side of the mug and drank slowly as it burned my lips, tongue and throat. I felt the sudden need to kiss someone. Harry was right there and I went for it. Harry seemed eager to make out with me like he saw it coming. Whatever was in my tea made me ant and crave him though. Soon, I was pushed up against the wall and strung around Harry's waist. My fingers ran through his curls, getting tangled in them easily. "Jesus Bella, I want you." Harry growled in my ear, running his hand up my bare thigh, reaching the yoga shorts he desperately wants off. My hand bats his away but, continues to swirl my tongue with his. Then my life flashed before my eyes and I blacked out. Everything was dark and deep and scary and I didn't like it one bit. I wondered what happened, what the tea really had in it, why did I black out so soon, was Harry doing this on purpose? My confusion sprang forward and I had this awful image of Harry kidnapping me. "Bella?" His deep voice was echoing through my ears. I finally saw light and his face and I was still confused as hell on what was happening. "Zayn?" It was him, I could see his think black hair and the flawless brown eyes I have been dreaming about forever. He seemed upset and frazzled. "Hey baby are you okay?" His accent rang through my ears once again almost making me want to fall asleep. "What happened? Last thing I saw was me and Harry having a moment. Then I blacked out." He chuckled softly. "Thats because I came in and beat the shit out of him and you banged your head against the wall and that mixed with drugged up tea isn't a good mixture." He started giggling again. "Well thank god you got here in time. He was getting carried away with the control over my body. Wait, I need to go see Brooklyn. Have you gone to see her lately?" "Yeah I went to see earlier before I came here. She is doing great." He smiled and helped me up off of the couch. "Where is Harry though?" "Oh, I told him that if I caught him laying another finger on you, I would have to beat the shit out of him again. I even think he is going to some therapist for his anger issues. He actually might be trying to straighten himself out for you. But, if he can actually do it.... I want to know that he is completely straightened out before he gets close to you. As a matter of fact, he is calling me now." Zayn stood up and answered the phone, crossing his arms and pacing slowly. "Oh so you want to talk to her? You drugged her and I'm not sure she wants to talk to yo-" I stood up and grabbed the phone from his hands. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? YOU THINK THAT IF YOU DRUG ME I WOULD FUCK YOU BECAUSE IT DIDN'T WORK." Zayn stood back, knowing I was angry and wanted to punch someone in the face. "I-I'm sorry." I heard his voice crack, almost like he was crying. My voice softened and I felt a little bad. He still drugged me and started to feel me up. "Are you crying?" My tone was off and it sounded like I was on the verge of laughing but, I wasn't. "Yeah. I have always had this problem with girls. That's practically why I only have one night stands. I thought you were gonna be another one night stand and once you practically rejected me I was supposed to go away but, you are like a drug. Addicting." Then he hung up the phone. What the hell. Now I felt bad for him because he did have like serious anger problems. Well, I could always confirm it with Liam, knowing he would never lie to me. "Are you okay?" Zayn grabbed my shoulders and massaging them softly. "I'm sorry. I need to go." With that, I grabbed my keys and stormed out the front door. I was going to Harry's house. My attachment to him was strange. When he was soft and cute I wanted to hang out with him and be with him but, when he is ignorant and degrading I just wanted to never see him again. Harry's house wasn't too far from mine so, I got there shortly. I rang the doorbell once and he opened the door. He was really crying, his eyes were red, his cheeks appeared damp and his hair was messy like he had been running his fingers through it. "Bella, what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here." He croaked. "Harry, are you okay? Do you need someone to talk to?" I knew that he needed someone and I was the only one willing to give in to his nonsense. He wiped the tears from his eyes and pushed away the dark, damp curls from his face. "You are like a drug. Addicting." The words were replayed over and over again in my head. Was I addicting like alcohol? There is nothing more addictive to me. It all just reminded me of when I was in high school and I used to be an alcoholic and Brook wasn't. My life was out of order and out of shape. Then I met Jake and he was my everything. He treated me right and I stopped drinking all for him. Thats exactly when Brook got in a hell of a mess with her own boyfriend, and she started drinking alcohol to ease her mind. When Jake broke up with me, I was just depressed. My only thoughts were him and nothing else. Alcohol was never an option because I always remembered Jake and how upset he would be if I went back to being the girl who partied all night and drank all day 24/7. "I don't wanna hurt you anymore so, I got my therapist to get me on special medication to help my anger issues. I just don't wanna hurt you anymore." His finger ran across my faded bruises that lay on my exposed neck. "I forgive you." As much as I feel like I will regret this, I did it.

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