Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


21. 20

Bella's POV:

With Brooklyn in rehab, I thought I would do a little house decorating we never got to do. I had been saving up money for new living room furniture and I wanted to paint and get more decoration so when Brook came back she was surprised and happy. I kept thinking about her in rehab and I should have told her because it would have been better so she could help herself before Liam believed she needed it.

My nights were now consisting of staying up late drinking a few glasses of wine and watching movies with Liam or Niall or both. I could tell that Liam wanted me to hook up with Niall but, I wasn't feeling it. He was absolutely adorable and my type but, I can't picture myself with him. The past few days I've gone to see Brook, she was doing okay. She spent all hours of the day with Liam and with her therapist. She was getting better and her everything was showing it.

Tonight, I invited Zayn over to hang out for a bit and just to catch up and what not. It had been a while since I had called or texted him so, I thought we would hang out and ya know, have a fun time. He was coming over with a bottle of wine around 7. He was the only guy I could talk to and be around. He helped me with Harry-who hasn't contacted me- and can be a great friend sometimes. I heard the doorbell ring and I sprang up and opened the door.

"Hey! How are you?" He handed me the bottle of wine and gave me a small hug. 

"Great, how are you?" He said with a small grin.

"Alright, getting ready to do an entire flat remodel before Brook gets back from rehab. Liam usually comes over to hang out with me at night so I'm not so lonely and he usually brings Niall." 

"Yeah he told me that he was trying to get you and Niall together but, you both weren't really into it." His voice seemed a bit excited.

For about the first hour we sat on the couch and we discussed what I wanted to do with the flat. He told me that he was moving in with Jade soon so, they were gonna be happy together. Although he didn't seem happy. 

"Okay so because you are my best guy friend you are gonna be forced to watch Titanic or The Notebook with me." He laughed and was glad that I picked The Notebook as one of the choices because he never stayed awake for Titanic, which was quite understandable. 

"I always loved The Notebook. Cheesy movies like this are really cute to me. Wow that sounded really corny and girly." He threw his head in his hands and started laughing, as I was too.

We sat and watched the movie until it got into the middle of the movie. It was that part where Ryan Gosling kisses Rachael McAdams in the rain. My fingers fiddled with themselves because it was a bit awkward. And when I thought it couldn't get any more awkward, Zayn started sitting rather close to me. Our couch wasn't very large either so, we were already quite close and as the movie went on, the space between us became smaller. I looked up at him-who was already looking down at me- and just stared into his eyes for a split second. 

"Kiss me." The words seemed to slip out of his mouth faster than I could say "Okay"

My hands went straight to his freshly shaven face. He lifted me up to sit on his lap and moved his hands from my hips to the small of my back. My hands were travelling through his thick black hair. He didn't stay in the sitting position for long, his back gave out and rested himself on the arms of the couch. Breathing was the last of my thoughts and it was the last of his as well. He wasn't making out with me like Harry would, he was slow and easy and it was great.

Then I heard the door unlock. 

"Zayn..." I don't know if he thought I was trying to tell him to stop or if I was moaning his name but, this was an attention call.

"Hey, someone's here." He still didn't hear me or understand what I was trying to say until I heard someone walking towards the couch and Zayn pulled away from me.

"Well isn't this cute." Harry was standing two feet from the couch,looking over us.


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