Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


3. 2

Liam pulled into the drive of his friends house, I believe he said the name was Louis. It was one of his bandmates houses, for sure. The house seemed massive, but not much bigger than Liams. From the outside it appeared to be two stories, maybe even three. It was an off-white, nearly creme paint job with a black shingled roof. The house had a mixture of modern and Spanish style, it was one of the most original looking houses I'd ever laid eyes on.  "Were here," Liam said, his hand on my thigh. I jumped, and he pulled away, flinching. I hoped I didn't scare him. "Uh, I'll walk in and tell them I brought a friend before you come in, just so they aren't startled I'm bringing over a girl." He stuttered over that word, girl. Had he never brought a girl around his friends? No, he had to. He has a girlfriend. Or, at least had one in the past. He held onto my hand and walked me up through the stone walkway. "I'm not too sure who all is here, but dont be alarmed if a hungover guy without a shirt tries hitting on you. That's Harry, he a bit uh- a bit of a player. And then there's Niall, he's the blonde one probably playing a video game. Zayns out front, right by the door smoking, you'll meet him first. He's kind of quiet but is a really fun guy once he opens up. And Louis, who owns this place. Well, him and Harry share it but it's hard to explain I guess. But yeah, you ready?" I nodded and he squeezed my hand. "I hope you don't mind I'm holding your hand, I'm a bit, a bit protective over girls around these guys." I smiled and thanked him under my breath.  This was all so foreign. I met the guy last night, and he's already bringing me around his friends. Does he even know my name? I shook it off and we approached the boy outside on the porch. He had a ciggarette in one hand and a phone in the other. He looked up and stood up to greet us. He was about an inch shorter than Liam was, and he had a killer smile any girl could fall for in a matter of seconds. His eyes were so dark and brown, it was adorable. "Hey Liam, who's the ladie?" "Zayn this is Brooklyn, Brook this is Zayn." Okay so I was wrong, maybe he did know my name. Liam leaned closer to me and whispered, "I like to give nicknames too, sorry if you don't like Brook." I stood outside with Zayn in the really awkward silence and Liam came back out. He was right. There were three boys on the couch, all huddled over with video game controllers in their hands. "Liam, come join us! Ya can take Zayns spot if you'd like," I couldn't tell which of the three had said that. "I can't. God, could you have the deceny to say hi to my friend?" Somebody had paused the game and they all turned around staring at me. It was kind of uncomfortable, I wasnt used to being in a house full of guys. They all stood up and rushed over, introducing themselves. The boy who came up first I assumed was Harry, being he wasn't wearing a shirt, just how Liam described. Liam grabbed my hand again and shot Harry a dirty look, knowing to back off. He had a decent body, but I didn't want to stare and make things awkward. "I'm Harry," he said and I awkwardly shook his hand. He had such a deep voice, and it had me trembling at the touch of his hand. I blinked a few times and regained control, remembering what Liam told me about him being a player. "Okay enough Harold, let the poor girl meet the rest of us." A boy about the same height as Zayn pushed him out and pulled me into a hug. "Hi, love. I'm Louis." He seemed really sweet and I smiled. The boy had the most darling sea green eyes, with a hint of blue. It was adorable, and I couldn't help but smile to myself. "You've got a nice smile, Liam's quite lucky." I looked up to Liam who's cheeks were turning red. "She's uh- she's not my girlfriend." He looked down awkwardly. "It's okay Liam we can be single together." I looked at the blonde haired boy, who was no doubtedly Irish. "Oh, ye that's right. I'm Niall," he was the shortest of the group, but still was a good head taller. "You two. Met at the club Li was at last night?" I nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I was in some fight. Liam probably saved my life, that girl seemed vicious." Louis and Harry 'awe'-d and ran up to Liam, squealing and pushing him, just downright taunting him in the most funniest and playful manner ever. Niall laughed and it was so cute, how could this boy be single? Blonde with noticeable brunette roots. Crooked teeth masked by braces. He was just cute, all of Liam's friends were. "Bar fights? Look at this scar," he pulled up the sleeve to his shirt and there was a white outline of where a cut was. "Just never go to any bar on St. Patrick's day in Ireland. The locals get completely shitfaced-" Harry cut him off and shoved him. "Alright put your non-existant muscles away Niall, Liam's got dibs and that's that."  Liam pursed his lips and I nudged him, "You've got nice friends, they're cool." He shook his head and laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Bein' stuck on a bus with all four is a pain in the ass though, one day is fine, but months are just a chaos." I ended the conversation and looked at the door where Zayn had just came in, pushing a pack of cigarettes back into his pocket. "Do you have any extra controllers? I wanna play Mario Kart." The six of us piled on the couch, but Zayn and I got pushed to the floor. "A girl?" Louis gasped. "Wants to play a video game?" Harry added in. "I bet I could beat all of your asses." I smiled and grabbed six controllers from the basket in front of the tv, right next to the Wii. "Brooklyn, watch your mouth!" I turned around and saw Liam staring at me. "Hypocrite. I bet you wouldn't have said that la- no. I'm just gonna shut up." He went pink in the face and everyone stared at us. "Is there something you're hiding from us Liam? We are your best friends, you're supposed to tell us everything." Zayn smirked and my heart fluttered. God was that smile of his a lady killer. Liam nodded, "I'll explain later, kay?"  Everyone was silent and I decided to break it. "Okay, who's ready to get their butts kicked by a girl?"

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