Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


18. 17

"I can explain everything."

The front door was left early and I ran into Brooklyn's arms, ignoring Liam sitting on the couch in shock that I was there in less than twenty four hours. She stood up and grabbed me, shaking- as if she were on the verge of tears.

Brooklyn's POV:

"Its fine, shhh, you don't have to explain a thing. Did he hurt you?"

I felt Liam's hand on the small of my back, and I let go of Bella, holding onto her shoulders to examine her face.

"Bella. Did he hurt you?"

She shook her head.

"I hurt him more than anything."

I heard Liam take a short intake of breath behind me.

"Harry isn't the most tolerant, but maybe you could apologize?"


"Alright, I'll talk to him."

"Don't, please, I don't want to be the one getting hurt."

Liam nodded and Bella walked off, my arms dropping to my sides. I spun around my heels and smiled at Liam.

"Are you alright?"


"You know, she and Niall would be cute."

"What? Liam are you fucking kidding me? What makes you think I want him around her? Harry scares her half to death, and Niall is a drunk! I don't want him in my fucking house, and I sure as hell don't want her there! He likes to drink- to party. He thinks I do, and how can I party if you so desperately want me to stop drinking? Maybe they would be cute together. Maybe I should drink with him too. Maybe you should go."

"Brooklyn, where are you going?"

I ran to the front door, slamming it. I got in the car and saw Liam trying to pry open the locked door. Rolling down the window, he stared at me.

"Can we talk?"

"When I get back, watch over Bella!"

I yelled out the window as I drove off, trying to sound apologetic for what I said before storming out.

I arrived to my destination sooner than I expected. I looked around after getting out of the car, disappointed in the neighborhood. Louis and Harry decided they needed to live separately, and I was let down. Maybe Lou could have stopped whatever happened today between Harry and Bella.

I pounded on the front door of the house.

"Harry you fucking dick, open the door right now! Or its coming down and squashing your sorry ass like an ant!"

He opened it, an ice pack on his cheek.

"What do you want?"

He looked like he had been crying.

"Look, you need to get your shit together. Whatever the fuck you did- or had done- with Bella is ending now. Were not lying to Liam to make you look like Mister Nice Guy."

Harry put the ice pack down, revealing a bloody red bruise on his cheek. Did she claw him without realizing it?

He ran for me, forcing all of his weight on my shoulders.

"Not this shit again," I said under my breath.

"So, should I stop playing Mister Nice Guy? I can do that, I can stop right now. I can make you scream my name louder than you ever have for Liam. More than the first night. Or any night after- even though I doubt theres been one."

He gasped.

"What? Is that what you want? Do you want someone to fuck you? Is that the real reason you sent Bella to my house, so you and Liam can have a fuckfest day after day; night after night? I bet you couldn't wait. I bet the second I picked her up clothes were shed- until she came back of course. Because, I surely can tell how badly you honestly do want it right now, more than Bella did ever."

"You fucking whore!"

I swung my fists, beating at his arms so he would let go of my shoulders.

"Brooklyn, I want you to know something."

He let go of my shoulders and slyly smiled, inching closer and closer to me. His mouth was right next to my ear before he spoke again. His voice came out in a rough whisper.

"I want you to know this, something everyone knows. Something you need to know, alright? That something is-"

He smirked, kissing behind my ear.

"-I always win."

My face grew in shock, Harry chuckling darkly. Every laugh was filled with lust and desire, it was disgusting. I couldn't move, there was nowhere to go.

My eyes flickered around the small living room, the only way I could go was over a small glass coffee table, magazines and thick books strewn all over it. I would have to climb over it and head for the couch, going over that and out the back door through the even smaller office area he had his laptop set up at.

I looked back at him, and to the couch, making a run for it.

Harry was too quick, he had my back pressed against his hips. My foot caught on the bottom coffee table and I kicked it away with all my might. The force was strong enough to send it flying into the couch, the thin glass shattering in billions of pieces.

"Oh Brooklyn, and to think I was planning on fucking you against that. Good to know it was too breakable- I bet you're breakable."

He spun me around, harshly forcing his lips against mine.

"Get your hands off of me! I don't want your tongue being shoved down my throat you sick little perv."

He chuckled and shook his head. Winking, he threw out a slick comment at the things I had just yelled at him.

"Thats cute; I'm sure you liked it anyways. I'm sure it was better than Liam."

I scoffed. "In your dreams, princess."

"Anyways, where to? The wall or the floor? I couldn't explain to anyone how we broke the table and the bed."

It left me fearful, and I shook my head.

"Harry, please."

I thought back to middle school, the crappy theatre program I was in. I learned how to force myself to cry- and I did exactly that.

"Are you crying?"

His voice dropped and he let go of me, Harry seeming almost worried.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. Do you want anything?"

Beer, I wanted beer. "Show me to the bathroom?"

He pushed the broken glass with his foot, walking me to the bathroom.

I shut the door and locked it, turning off the lights. The fake tears turned to real ones, and the only thing I could think of was Liam. What was I to Liam? First he saves me like I was a princess, then he let himself go and had sex with me like were friends with benefits. He introduced me to his friends like I'm a secret girlfriend, and then he takes me and my best friend out with his friends like I was his date for the rest of eternity. He protects me like he's my dad, and argues with me like a sibling. But his kisses- they're different. They're more- they're like he thinks I'm the only one, and no one is there. But I'm not his girlfriend. Nothing has been said that rightfully made me his and him mine. Kissing Harry was okay.

I turned on the light and looked in the mirror, my lips bruised from the tight and forceful kiss. They were a shade of red only lipstick could create- oh how much fun its going to be to explain that.

"I need to go," I rushed out of the bathroom and brushed shoulders with Harry, speeding out and back to my house. I pulled out my phone when I got into the drive and had one text; it was from Harry.

I sighed and read it out loud. "I'm sorry, please forgive my foolish mistake."

I thought what to say and typed it out loud, making sure what sounded really good in my head didn't sound stupid in reality.

The keys ticked as every letter was put in. "Just, stay away for awhile. Its the, erm, healthiest choice for Bella and I."

There was a knock at the window and I jumped, getting out of the car as fast as possible.

I went inside and set my phone on the counter next to Liam. It was still unlocked when I got another text from Harry. Liam read it out loud.

"Good luck at home sweet cheeks, I'll make sure to keep my lips off of yours, it wont happen again. Thats Liam's job. Winky face, ex ex."

Liam stood up, coming next to me, holding onto my wrists.

"Brooklyn, what is Harry talking about? He kissed you?"

I nodded, looking at Bella.

I mouthed help and she agreed, waiting for Liam to yell.

"But he cant! You're mine, right? Brook, please tell me you're my girlfriend and not his."

"I'm neither! You never said anything that deemed me as your girlfriend. I've been waiting Liam, thats all I've been doing! And it sucks, remember what you said in the car last night? It fucking sucks. Now I know what it feels like."


We looked at Bella, and she pointed to opposite sides of the house. Liam, go to Brooks room, Brooklyn, go to mine. Were going to McDonalds."


I looked at Liam before Bella could push him away.

"Be my girlfriend."
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