Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


17. 16


Harry was definitely trying to get me to want him like I did that first night in the club but, I just wasn’t feeling it. He was sensitive and corny. I loved that about guys but this one, I don’t know about him because I know what he is capable of and that was the worst part. I always wish I never knew him. He is aggressive and rough. I don’t wanna fuck up one time and then Harry bring back the person that was checking on me everyday and the guy that left dark purple bruises-which are still visible- on my neck. Him proving me wrong would be a miracle and he was.

Once we arrived at his house he had all the manners in the book. He opened the door for me, he was really polite, he took my bags for me, he even kissed my cheek so I wasn’t so nervous. He set my bags in his room on the bed and opened up empty drawers in the dresser and reserved them just for me.

“You can put your clothes in here if you want, I emptied them out before I came and got you. I’m gonna go make something to eat, are you hungry?”

“Er..No not really.” I was just a bit overwhelmed with this whole situation so I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry.

“Okay, be right back.” He walked over and pushed the light brown hair from my face and pecked my cheek once again.

I sighed lowly and decided to unpack all my clothes into the drawers he had open for me. I was slowly refolding all of the shirts and pants that had gotten tossed around in the duffle bag. After 10 minutes of folding I arranged them into the drawers. Once I had put in my last few shirts I felt arms snake around my waist.

“Harry.” I demanded.

“Wrong Brit love.” I turned around and Zayn was standing behind me, trying to hold in a laugh.

“Damnit Zayn.” I laughed and playfully hit his arm. He sarcastically grabbed his arm and stuck out his bottom lip.

“I’m sorry” I laughed out. Then from the doorway I heard a loud cough.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Harry’s face went stern and he appeared to be angry or rather annoyed. Zayn back away from me and went up to Harry and apologized lowly. Harry remained straight faced and Zayn went back out into the hallway but, Harry stayed.

“C’mon Bella. You know damn straight I wouldn’t let that go by again.” Harry said darkly while walking towards me. My first intention was to back away from him but, I would run into a wall at some point and he would be able to corner me in no time.

“We were just playing around. He is just a friend and so are you so stop being so over protective over me.” But he just laughed.

“I want you to be belong to me.” He growled as he approached me. He stood directly in front of me and he was probably gonna kiss me or something of that nature.

“I didn’t know that you were gonna be this tough to crack. I thought if I was sweet and sour you would let me have my way with you.” He chuckled out.

“I think I might just have Zayn take me home.” I pushed past him and walked towards the door but, he beat me to it. His forceful push at the door should have alarmed someone in the neighborhood.

“You’re real funny.” I just stood there but, he picked me up and slammed me into the wall. It was funny how he thought he was cracking me open because this was a douche move and he shouldn’t get his hopes up thinking that it was working.

“You’re fucking ridiculous Harry.” I attempted to shove him but, he was using all his force against me. It wasn’t painful it just felt like a tattoo. Irritating.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your body. Every part of it is just….breathless.” I felt his hands travel to my ass but, my hand reached the side of his face before he could get far.

“Get off.” I growled intensively.

He did exactly what I said and I stormed out of his room demanding that Zayn takes me home. I wasn’t worried about my bags or anything because Liam or Brooklyn can come back and get it for me.

“Zayn, will you take me home?” Zayn stood up and agreed immediately. 

“I heard a slap and I thought things were getting down and dirty in there but, I guess he got it to his face.” I chuckled and threw my head in my hands. He deserved it and to have a great friend like Zayn there was awesome.

“Wait I thought you were his girlfriend?” I just stared at him because no. Absolutely not.

“Not in a thousand years. He is just an asshole who only cares about himself.” Zayn nodded and pulled up to the flat that had the bright red door and the black number 9 on it.

“Call me if you need me to help you out in anyway. Unless I’m with Jade then she might think I’m cheating on her. No I’m just kidding, call me if you need me alright?” I smiled and nodded.

How was I supposed to explain this to Brooklyn and Liam.

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