Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


14. 13

We left the house in a mess, Bella cuddled up on Harry's shoulder while I was attached to Liams' arm. It was freezing cold, and for once I wasn't half scared to death of Harry. He seemed nice, almost too nice. That was when I remembered our deal.


'Alright, you get Bella in the car and I'll take them home. Brooklyn needs a water, do you have any more bottles?"


"Only some weird clear Gatorade I didn't like, would that work?


"Mix it with Vodka!"




Death glares were shot between Liam and I.


"Seriously Harry, I can't deal with that. Please."


We got in the car and sat Bella in the backseat; nearly in a sleep trance. She knocked out the second her feet were lifted up off the ground. Harry kissed her forehead, and handed the water bottle, while I resisted flicking him off. Nobody touched Bella. She was like a little sister to me- even though we were so close in birthdays- and I would feel guilty as hell if something ever did.


"So what we were talking about before we got inside Harry's."


Liams' hand tightened around the steering wheel, his veins showing in his biceps and knuckles turning white. God, he was so hot frustrated.


"Okay, should I start from the beginning? Because I just don't know Brooklyn. I don't. When I picked you up that night, you were supposed to be a one night fuck. That's it, nothing more. But- but we talked and I started to grow to like you. And Brooklyn, I'm fucking head over heels for you, if you haven't noticed. I think you're perfect and I can't stop thinking about that first night. God, you're perfect, and I can't do anything about it. I can't fucking help you and make you better because you don't feel the same goddamn way!"


He slammed the brakes as we hauled up to a red light.


"You don't understand, Brook. I want you more than anything." His voice was cracking and in a whisper now, the wind not able to catch his words being spewed as he yelled, not caring about the girl in dead sleep in the back seat.


"What can I do? I want to know, how can I understand?" 


"Just stop drinking. You have a serious problem and I need you to stop." Liam said in a low whisper.


"I don't even have a problem! I just like to have a drink down and in my system. Is that bad?" I started to raise my voice hoping I didn't wake up Bella who was dead asleep in the back.


"YES BROOKLYN." My body shivered at his raised yell. He never yelled at me before and I felt quite upset about it. 


Once we got home, I woke up Bella and walked her inside and onto the couch.  Liam waited at his car, waiting for me to say good bye to him. He wasn't going to receive anything special. My upset level was over the roof.


"I'll see you tomorrow love." He leaned in for a kiss but, I swerved out of his way.


"Are you okay?"


"No. You told me I had a problem then you started yelling at me. I'm actually quite upset with you. I don't really care if I have a problem and I wish you didn't tell me everyday of my life that I have a problem because I don't think I have a problem. Everyone drinks and I just love to do it." I stormed out of his reach, heading for the day but, he called after me.






He grabbed my arm and twirled me in his arms bringing me into a deep kiss. 


"Baby just please stop." Liam whispered into my ear.


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