Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


13. 12

Brooklyn's POV:

"Can we get this too?" I held up a six pack of some craft beer, and Liam shook his head immediately.

"You, my dear friend, have an addiction."

I could feel my heart sink. Was it that obvious? Maybe he was finally putting the pieces together, that I am in fact a total wackjob. I can't financially support myself, I wasted my teenage years drowning in alcohol, and I'm still on that road.

Every 18 year old likes partying, but I just sit and drink. Constantly. It helps, it gets my mind off my past- and highly toxic- relationship. The one only Bella knew about. The abuse and sex and forced partying. The constant times I didn't want to go out, I wanted to stay home, and ended leaving Noah's house with bruises on my arms. Being screamed at and called things nobody should have to hear, coming from their boyfriend, nor anyone. It was a living hell.

"It's not my fault." I had my head at the ground staring at my dirty converse.

"I know, I know. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. Do you want to talk about it?"

I looked up at his face, full of concern.

"No." I just kept on whispering that to myself- no. It was sad though, because I really did want to talk about it.

"Next time, alright?" Liam took the handle of the pack and put it back, sighing.

"Let's go check out."


Liam had to nearly busy into Harry's house, we were locked out and ignored.

"I swear if those two are making out and he wouldn't open the door I'm going to kill him."

Liam laughed, shaking his head in embarrassment.

"He'll have an explanation I hope. If not I'll kick his ass with you."

Liam finally got through the door, but I stopped him. I had a question I had to ask him that had been honestly really bugging me.

"Liam. What are we?"

"You mean, like, us?"

I nodded.

"Oh god, I- I don't know. C-can we not talk about th-th-this now? I d-don't think it's a good t-time."

I nodded again.

"Fine, have it your way, Mr. Payne."
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