Alcoholic Veins

Would you ever think after one bar fight, Brooklyn might find the boy to take the liquor out of her hands, and show her what love was again?


11. 10

Bella's POV:

Brooklyn re-entered the house but she came back clenching onto her stomach. She headed straight for the kitchen and to the refrigerator. She pulled out the last bottle of wine and popped open the cork. I could tell she was annoyed by the way she was drinking. It was large swigs and slow swallows. She pulled her phone out of her back pocket, along with a wad of cash. She threw the money on the table and dialed someones number in her phone.

"Hey Li, um. Harry just stopped by and he apologized to Bella and I. Yeah so we are all cool with Harry now. Um...yeah he apologized to Bella mainly. Okay, I'll talk to you later. Bye." She put her phone on the table and took another large drink from the bottle of wine.  

"Um, Harry didn't apologize to me? Wait. He didn't apologize to you either. Damnit Brooklyn what did he say to you?"

"Well he said if were cool around Harry when Liam was around, he wouldn't fuck you into two pieces." She put the bottle in her arm and stood to go grab the half empty beer on the table. She set down the wine and chugged the remaining bits of the beer. I knew she had a problem but, it hadn't gotten worse since she has been with Liam but, it hadn't gotten better either.

"Whatever  I need to sleep." She picked up the wine bottle but, I stopped her dead in her tracks. 

"Give me the bottle." She gave me a death stare but, I have been so used to it that I didn't back down.

"Brooklyn. Give me the bottle." She took the last drink from the bottle and handed me the empty bottle.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon." She stumbled back to her bedroom almost tripping over air. 

The thought of more sleep came to mind and that's exactly what I did. My feet scuffed across the carpet as my body began to feel weightless and my eyelids began to feel heavier.

My body fell onto the bed and my arms instinctively raised the covers over me. My curtains were left open from the previous day and the moonlight was gleaming brightly onto me. I checked the alarm clock next to me and it was already midnight. My body turned onto my other side. 

As I was falling asleep, I heard the door creak open and footsteps began creaking along the wooden floor. Brooklyn never came in during the middle of the night,especially because she was drunk and fell into a sleep coma.

"Brook, go to sleep." Without opening my eyes, I spoke softly, almost a loud whisper.

"Guess again beautiful." A deep voice tickled my ear but, I suddenly felt shivers throughout my entire body. Somehow, someway Harry managed to get inside of our house.

"Listen, tomorrow you and Brooklyn are gonna come over to my house with Liam and we are gonna watch movies all day and you will act as though we fucked the night before and you are completely in love with me. Then maybe we could actually fuck. I still wonder why I didn't just fuck you while we were making out in that bathroom." His voice was husky and dark.

"I can play the part but, we aren't gonna fuck so you can get that out of your head right now." I wasn't thinking before I spoke. He was already so close to my face, he could pull anything right now. He could probably sense my fear of him and he laughed about it.

"Remember how I made these pretty little love bites. It went something like this." At this point, Harry was at the sore part of my neck biting down hard and grazing his teeth over the slightly bruised areas.

"Get out." I growled.

"Don't leave your door unlocked next time." He whispered into my ear and then he walked away slowly. My body couldn't relax until I heard the door slam and a car start up outside.

Brooklyn would go ape shit if she found out he came into the house so, I would keep it my own little secret.

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