Oh how I wish that was me

General Diary about a 16 year old teenager and the rollcoaster of life that goes with it... Oh and I meet 5 boys to go with it


1. 1st January 2013

Dear Diary,

Well, im sleeping my sisters room at the moment until further notice thanks to five boys that showed up. I don't mean that i'm not grateful or anything, they are kind of hot apart from 2 off them already have girlfriends. I don't know why but Im attracted to the one with blonde hair and blue eyes, I think he name is Niall. Anyway story cut short, Tour Bus broke down = Emma plays hotel and lets them in. Of course my sister being the annoying person she is said they can have my room and then because my brother opposed with lego and his room is full of it they cant sleep there and so it was my room left. Oh the joy!. Well my room is like any other apart from now it is being shared with a group of international superstars who have already been through my closet and found the most embarrassing things and who have eaten/drinken most of my Christmas presents. The superstars that go by the name of one direction! Yeah you know them, I think everyone does!


Earlier that day

I turned round the corner of the street to discover a big black bus parked out of our house. WHAT. me being the kind and helpful person I was rasied up to me knocked on what seemed the door. I knocked and then waited and soon a figure that had blonde hair and blue eyes opened it. "errrr what are doing outside my house" I asked slightly annoyed

"oh our tour bus broke down" he said in a thick Irish accent

"oh so I suppose you want somewhere to stay" I questioned

"yeah, that would be great" When I asked the question I thought it would only be him until he called out "BOYS!" and then a group of boys, who looked slightly older than me came to the entrance. "we have been kind of enough to be invited to stay at this kind young lady's house, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Me Niall" He said

"oh wow thanks a bunch" Louis said as he headed out to the tour bus "which way is your house" Louis house

"behind me" and I started to walk towards my house to discover them all parading behind me like a parade. "MUM DAD I FOUND SOME PEOPLE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET, THEY BUS BROKE DOWN" I bellowed and then suddenly my Little brother sam came out of his room and ran downstairs. "I'm sam " he said kindly "you seem familer"

"yeah, well we are part of" but before we could say anything my next door neighbour or my best friend, Lucy, stood in the door and screamed "ONE DIRECTION"

oh god what have I got myself into.

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