Oh how I wish that was me

General Diary about a 16 year old teenager and the rollcoaster of life that goes with it... Oh and I meet 5 boys to go with it


2. 1st January 2013 (continued)

Dear Diary,

Well today I decided to write to accounts, well since it has been one of those days. I walked into my room and it SMELT of boys Colgate, and it wasn't a very good one. I opened my closet to get some clothes out. I carefully opened my cupboards and got a jack wills hoodie and tracksuits out and my running kit cause I need to get rid of all of this and then I opened my underwear draw to discover my thong that My friend Lucy brought be as a joke, out and I posted note on it reading "I would love to see you in this babe" oh great. Really great. And then I walked out of my room and changed into my running kit in the bathroom and walked downstairs as you do and shouted "I'm going for a run" only to discover I would be joined by a certain young man.


The Run

 "im going for a run" I shouted down the stairs as I started walking. I was about to walk out of the door when I heard a voice behind me "do you mind if I join you?" Liam asked

"Not at all" I joked and he quickly ran up stairs. I waited for what seemed forever until he came down wearing shorts, a batman t shirt and a pair of Nike trainers. "are you sure you'll be able to keep up?" I asked

"yeah, I'm pretty certain" Liam joked and we headed out

"so tell me about yourself" Liam asked

"Nothing much to know" I replied

"oh I'm sure there's something" Liam replied

"well, I'm 16, nearly 17, Born on the 29th January and my full name is Emma Marie Robinson. I used to get bullied and I used to self harm and then I got moved away and now I live here and I have some new friends but i'm not overally popular. I have to have 2 iron tablets every day A blood transfusion every week. That's all you need to know"

"wow" was all he could mange

"so tell me about yourself" I asked

"My Name is Liam James Payne, I'm 18 born on the 29th August 1993. I love toy story and my favourite food  is chocolate. I was bullied when I was 13 so I took up boxing and cross country, becoming one of the fastest people in the country for my age group. I auditioned for the x factor when I was 14 but Simon Cowell told me I was too young and to get my GCSE. I auditioned when I was 16 and was put in 1D.!" Liam said

"wow that's a lot"

"yeah but not enough as you!" Liam said and by that time we had made it back home.

Later in the Day

Dear Diary,

Well the run was awkward and we came home and I had a shower quickly. I realised I left my charger in my bedroom so I went to go and get it only to overhear some random conversation.

"so do you think she's fit?" "yeah of course I do" "do you like her?" "of course" "do you think you're in love with her?" "I think I am, I think I am"

and then I quickly ran into my room and graphed my phone calling Lucy.


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