Key West is a scenic island full of beautiful landscapes, people and mysteries. What will happen when Daisy and her friends reveal all and a horror story becomes reality? Read on to find out.


1. Morning

"Out for a while, food in the fridge, clean clothes in your drawers, see you at dinner." The scrunched up piece of paper read, its smudged black ink as bold as the sun against the white background. She slammed the piece of paper onto the worktop and turned around, leaning on it for support. The whole house to herself for a day. Walking forward, she touched the breakfast bar infront of her and traced her finger towards the box of tightly sealed 'Lucky Charms' cereal, rolling her eyes, she picked it up and prepared her early breakfast.


The clouds hung softly under the sun as the cool breeze of the harbor took its last breathe, welcoming the humid air of the late morning. Flip flops were the only sign of life as they clacked the pavement below, hitting harder each time. The owners of the flip flops carried a large blue cooler box and floral patterned beach bags, bulging its contents as if featuring in a show. The cooler swung forcefully as the two people carrying it moved gradually faster as they approached the Garrison Bight Harbor, west of the Island.

"Which docking bay?" The boy asked, looking around as they reached the entrance of the docks.

"I think he said 9" She responded, leading the way through the gates and onto the boardwalk where the boats docked.

The pair strode across to their designated bay and looked at the boat infront of them.

"Jay could manage to afford this, but he wouldn't give me back my quarter from the milkshake at Jack's?" The girl asked, smirking slightly as she walked further onto the platform and into the boat, the boy rushing behind her, trying to keep up with the pace of the now tipping cool box.

"Jay!" The girl called, hauling the cooler box and the rest of the bags on a near by sofa which clung to the wall in a tidy fashion. The girl then jumped onto the couch, resting her feet across it and shoving one of the large floral bags onto her knees, fishing inside to find her luxuries for the day.

Slowly, from the clearing of the blue curtains parting the cabin from the deck of the boat, a young teenage boy appeared, a grin spread across his face.

"Dais'! Junior! Welcome to 'The Pad' a boat full of luxury!" He said, as his voice became more like a radio ad voice over as he went on.

Daisy turned around, smiling at the boy and swinging her legs from the sofa.

"Where's Layton?" She asked, parting her long blonde fringe so she would be able to see what she was doing.

"Not here yet, just got a call from his cell like ten minutes ago saying he was on his way." Jay answered, sitting down on a sofa further on the room from where Daisy sat.

"I thought he lived a five minute walk away?" Junior answered, a smirk appearing on his face. "He probably forgot his hand sanitizer and had to run back." He then slung his body down onto the nearest sofa, which happened to be Jay's.

"Don't be so mean Junior!" Daisy ordered, launching a throw cushion at his head lightly, giggling as it hit the floor.

"Hey! Careful! I'm only renting this thing." Jay warned, raising his eyebrows.

"Guys? Hello? Is this the right..- OOFT!" A small groan was heard, as the splashing of the ocean underneath the boat glooped and hissed. The group ran out to find Layton hovering around in the water, spitting salt water from his mouth as he swam back to shore. Daisy and Junior helped haul Layton from the water and onto the dock while Jay fell onto the deck of the boat giggling. Layton's clothes now stuck to him as he walked into the boat, a towel being draped around him by Daisy.

"Oh no! My Minecraft Periodic Table T-shirt! I knew I should've warn my Creeper Anatomy shirt first!" He sulked, making his way through the boat and onto the front deck of the boat where towels, hammocks and various other summer equipment had been put.

"We'll get going then?" Jay asked the group as they began gathering on the deck. They nodded, and got back to their business, Layton reading his Warhammer book, Junior drawing in his sketch pad, Daisy routing through her bag still and Jay setting the boats route and switching to auto pilot.

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