daisy upon a time


1. daisy upon a time


This is a story about a girl who was so incredibly lonely but she put everyone else’s happiness before her own so nobody could tell.

This is the tale of a boy who was sad, so incredibly sad at the world who rejected him for who he is. He bottled it all, wept silently in his room while his parents slept on and on.

Her name was Alice, but she wasn’t a princess and her daddy’s cold heart remained the same. As a child her parents called her Daisy for she was delicate, graceful. Now her father has her up against the wall, his hand muting her lips, his other hand moving on her chest making her own heart grow colder with time.

His name was Tom, misunderstood by all, his only escape was in the chords he plucked when night time came.

They are strangers but chose the same mode of transport out of their small town on a lonely Saturday night. Their parents went out, no brothers or sisters to save them from their sad plight.

They were both empty, exposed, their personality raw and fragile, a shell of their former being.

The emotion leaked out of him through the veins in his wrists and stained his sheets, red. They whispered ‘Danger. Don’t rest here’, but he couldn’t stop and the final drop of emotion escaped him as he collapsed back on his bed, peaceful, at rest, at last.

The words spent so recklessly burnt holes on her skin and were etched into her soul. She softly scattered petals and tried to exorcise the evil from within her. She settled into the brimming bath and scrubbed furiously, rubbing the scars left by every word, every glance, every titter. Exhausted she settles down to sleep, her eyelids closing as the final air bubble travels to the surface, meeting the daisy petal directly above her head.

They were both strangers but they both were lonely and desperate, screaming loud in an empty room, hoping for someone, anyone to hear their cries and save them.

This is for all the people who are bullied for who they choose to hold hands with. For all those people who when told to be themselves, do exactly that but are shunned by society.  This is about careless name-calling and delicate souls. This is a story for all the people who hurt themselves on the outside to escape the pain on the inside, for every one who’s ever felt broken, hopeless, alone.

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