Forever or Never

Zanni Jones was a huge Directioner. Life gets better when her best friend happens to be the one and only Zayn malik. When Zayn gets a girlfriend, will Zanni get over him, or try her hardest to get him? But his girlfriend is Zanni's worst enemy, AKA Jocelyn Smith.


4. We Partied to hard

Zayns P.O.V

Zanni had been slapped by Jocelyn. I should of believed Zanni, other wise she wouldnt of gotten hurt. I care for Zanni and I love her, but, I just dont know which direction I should go in. I would feel wierd dating her since she is my best friend, and basically like a sister. And if I ever ended up breaking up with her, I would have no best friend anymore. She was crying again, in her sleep. She woke up multiple times during the night, each time I held her a bit closer.

i woke up at 7:30 am, lucky we had an inservice day today. I steched out searching for Zanni, but I couldnt find her. I looked everywhere, and I couldnt find her. I looked in the bathroom just incase she, you know, tried to kill herslef. Where could she be? Maybe she's at the park across the road, i honestly dont know. I quickly chucked on a jacket and some trainers and ran outside. I called Zanni's name but i couldnt see her. I walked over to the park to see Zanni crying on a bench. I slowly made my way over to her and sat next to her.

"Zanni, its cold. Come inside!"

"No, I'd rather freeze to death."

I shook my head and picked her up bridal styles, she didnt hesiate, or kick or scream. I took her back inside and layed her down on the sofa. I sat infront of her and gently stroked her hair. She turned over so she faced the back of the sofa. I sighed and got up. As I was about to open the fridge, the boys come rushing in. I shh'd them and pointed to the sofa. The made an 'o' shape with their mouths and quietly ran upstairs. It was silent, all except Zanni's little whimpers. I poured myself some orange juice and walked over to Zanni.

"You cant hide all your life. Come on, sit up"

She didnt budge, so I picked her up and placed her into a sitting postion. She turned her body away from me. I dont know why she was being like this at all. Shes never been like this before and it hurts, not physically but emotionally.I put my hand on her leg, and she flicnhed. She finally looked at me and her cheeks were tear stained.

"its not your fault. hey, why dont we go out tonight at a club?"

She nodded yes and smiled, i Smiled back and went to tell the boys.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Later that evening~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Guys it time to go!"

I shouted up the stairs at everyone, and we swiftly got in the car. Me and Zanni in one car and the rest of the boys in another. When we arrived, I saw a familiar car... it was Jocelyns BMW. I helped Zanni out the car and took her inside. i went over to the bar and ordered some shots. Tonight was gonna be fun...

Zannis P.O.V

Zayn got us some shots, and we quickly threw them down our throats. I pulled Zayn to the dancefloor and danced with him. Before i knew it i was on the floor. I looked up to see the one and only Miss. Jocelyn babrie doll! I got up and walked over to Niall. He was joking around with Liam. I pulled him to the dance floor and danced with him. We were both pretty wasted and I knew what would happen.

I woke up in a strange place. I was in a bed in a hotel room. I turned over to see Niall fast asleep. I smiled and rolled back over. Then I realized... I was naked. I kept my scream in and quickly got my clothes and rushed into the bathroom. As I came out niall came over and hugged me. I hugged him back. He had a sorry look in his eyes and he was speechless. I kissed his cheek and headed home. I hope I'm not pregnant, but if I am, well...

As I was going home i walked into the store. I bought a pregnacy test and rushed home. I took it and i paced around the bathroom for about 5 minutes. I had actually gone to Zayns because I'm staying at his for a week or so. I heard a door open and shut, and i knew it was Zayn. Finally i got the result. I was shocked. I stood with my hand over my mouth. Positive. I fell to the floor crying, and I could tell I landed hard. Zayn, Niall and Liam rushed up. Great. I had my head in my knees crying. Zayn came over and hugged me. They were all crying too. I lifted my head and and motioned for Niall to come in and the boys to go. I showed niall the test and he hugged me apologizing for what he'd done. I explained that it was alright.

Zayn and Liam came back in. Niall and I were standing ready to tell them...

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