Forever or Never

Zanni Jones was a huge Directioner. Life gets better when her best friend happens to be the one and only Zayn malik. When Zayn gets a girlfriend, will Zanni get over him, or try her hardest to get him? But his girlfriend is Zanni's worst enemy, AKA Jocelyn Smith.


3. Slapped Hard

Zannis P.O.V

What the, she slapped me! Oh no, aint nobody slapping me! I walked up to her and pushed her hard, causing her to fall over. She landed in dog poop (Haha, unlucky!) and she gave an over exaggerated performance of 'Oh my god! I landed in dog poo!' I was smirking, she got up and kicked me in the shin. I fell to the ground in pain and just on cue, Zayn arrives. He gets out, stares at Jocelyn for a split second and gets me in the car. I watch as he has a go at her. Am I not suprised she kissed him? He hated it, he tried to pull away but she was one strong girl! I could feel the bruise forming on my cheek, I had to cover this up somehow. I dont wear make up, I hate looking fake.

Zayn got back in the car and quickly drove off. He was really upset and he looked like he was going to cry. I put my hand on his, but he just pushed it away. After realizing what he'd done, he tried to take me hand back. But i just slapped his hand.

"Stop the car! I can walk from here!"

"Zanni, you cant! Get back in please?"

"Goodnight Malik."

I slammed the dorr shut and took off at a quick pace. I heard the engine of the car turn off and heard another car door slam. I walked even faster and tried not to get caught by Zayn. He grabbed my wrist and spun me round. I made sure not to make eye contact with him. Zayn grabbed my face and made me look at him, and I let a tear escape my eye; I hate the fact I cry so easily! He wiped it away and I flinched, because he caught my bruise. He gave me a confused look and looked closely at my now swollen and bruised cheek. He sighed and shook his head. He picked me up bridal style and put me in the back of the car. He sat with me for a bit before saying

"Stay at mine tonight, Jocelyn knows where you live, but I just moved so you'll be fine at mine!"

I nodded in agrement because it hurt to talk. I dozed off in the back of the car. I had a terrible nightmare, Jocelyn was stabbing Zayn and forcing me to watch while he bled to death. I woke up crying and i yelped a little. Zayn was soon by my side softly singing. I calmed down abit but was not able to fall asleep. He was stroking my hair, but do I tell him about the dream?

"Zayn, my dream. Jocelyn was stabbing you.... I couldnt do anything!"

I felt him tense up a little, probably of the thought of it. I looked at him and he was crying, and I thought it was my fault.

"Zayn Im so-"

"Its fine, I'd die for you any day, any time, any where!"

I loved him so much, but I know he didnt love me.

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