Forever or Never

Zanni Jones was a huge Directioner. Life gets better when her best friend happens to be the one and only Zayn malik. When Zayn gets a girlfriend, will Zanni get over him, or try her hardest to get him? But his girlfriend is Zanni's worst enemy, AKA Jocelyn Smith.


5. Ready to Spill

Zannis P.O.V

I was pregnant with Nialls child. I'm only 18! I cant take care of a child! Niall had his hand around my waist which made me more confident. I stepped closer to Niall and I saw anfer and sadness grow in Zayns dark eyes. I looked down and closed my eyes. I imagined all the things that they'd say. I let a tear escape my eye, but quickly wiped it away so no one would see. My wavy brown hair floated slightly in front of my face. I tucked it behind my ear. I cleared my throat.

"Uhh, last night. Something happened. Now, Im pregnant. With Nialls child"

I cried, I couldnt help it. I put my head on Nialls shoulder and cried my heart out. My throat was dry and my eyes stung. I looked back at the boys and all their mouths were open. Well, except for Zayn. He'd left. I walked into the bedroom to see Zayn crying into a pillow. I went over and sat next to him. He looked up at me and he looked really angry.

"Zayn, Im sorry. I can get an abortion. Honestly!"

"I cant believe you! Zanni, you're just 18. You're never gonna cope!"

"I know but..."

"But what?"

"Why do you care?"

"Zanni, dont shout at me! I've done nothing wrong!"

"Thats it. Im leaving!"

I got up and ran down stairs. I could hear Niall coming after me, and i could hear Zayn throw his phone on the floor. I kept running till I got to my house. I am so totally fucked up! I hate myself, my life. I should end it.                                                                                                            



Sorry I need sleep I'll try update tomorrow!

Bye bye!

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