Forever or Never

Zanni Jones was a huge Directioner. Life gets better when her best friend happens to be the one and only Zayn malik. When Zayn gets a girlfriend, will Zanni get over him, or try her hardest to get him? But his girlfriend is Zanni's worst enemy, AKA Jocelyn Smith.


2. Jealousy Takes Over

Zanni's P.O.V

Finally! The end of the day is here! The sound of the bell is like angels dancing in my ear! Its 1Dful! (Get it??) I packed up all my stuff and made my way out to the courtyard. I ran really fast! I knocked over a person, but didnt bother to see who it was, or wheter I'd hurt them. As I was running into the courtyard, I saw a sight that broke my heart. I saw Zayn, kissing a girl. Not just anygirl, my worst enemy. Jocelyn Smith. everyone knows her as 'Barbie' or 'Slut' and stuff like that. Its all true. She cheats on all the guys shes with, and she spreads rumours about them too. I kept back my tears, even though it hurt. Zayn saw me standing there and walked over to me. He went to hug me but I refused. He looked confused. He saw that I was hurt, and he took my wrist and dragged me to the uni- sex toilets.#

"Zanni, love. Whats wrong? Have I done something wrong?"

"Yes, you have. Im sorry to say but why the hell are you dating her? She is a real life barbie! Dont you know what she does to all the guys she dates?"

"No, tell me."

I could hear anger in his voice, and I could see it in his eyes as well. He tightened his grip on my wrist, which would cause a bruise sooner or later. I winced at the pain. I looked back at him and told him.

"I am a friend of alot of her ex's. They have told me that she has spread nasty rumours about all of them. They have all had her cheat on them, each one of them used to be popular. She ruined their reputations. Not one of them has ever had a girlfriend since."

"Really? I dont believe you!"

"Fine! If you want her to make you seem nasty and stupid, then dont believe me. But Im telling the truth Zayn."

I walked away crying, and i heard Zayn calling my name, but I didnt stop. I kept walking until my feet hurt. I had no clue where I was. I took out my phone from my pocket. 15 missed calls from Zayn, and 3 texts. I locked my phone, and as soon as I did it rang. Zayn was calling me, again. I answered this time and he' been crying.


"Im sorry, you were right. Please forgive me?"

"Why should I?"

i was about to hang up when I heard him shout into the phone...

"Because, you're special and you know whats right and wrong. You dont want me to get hurt, so you tell me if somethings wrong. I know that you love me, by the look in your eyes and the way you tense up when I touch you. Zanni, please, Im sorry."

You had a tear of happiness rolling down your cheek. You replied back:

"Zayn, I... I can explain that. And yes I forgive you. I have no clue were i am though, come pick me up?"

"Um, okay. Give me the address your at and stay there!"

"Okay Im at... 1369 Rawlins Road."

"Uh, Zanni, hate to say this, but thats where Jocelyn lives. Just, if she says anything tell her you dont know anything"

"okay Zayn, see you"

I put down the phone and put it back in my pocket. I pacd back and fourth, it was really chilly and I hadnt got a coat. I heard some girls laughing and they sounded drunk. Before i knew it, 'JAS' was walking down the street towards me. JAS is a group made up of three girls, the main one Jocelyn. The two others are Aimee and Sam. They are super mean girls.

"Zanni, what is a slut like you doing here? You ruined my relationship with Zayn."

She slapped me hard across the face. I could feel the bruise forming. Tears stung my eyes. I walked away. Where was Zayn?

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