Forever or Never

Zanni Jones was a huge Directioner. Life gets better when her best friend happens to be the one and only Zayn malik. When Zayn gets a girlfriend, will Zanni get over him, or try her hardest to get him? But his girlfriend is Zanni's worst enemy, AKA Jocelyn Smith.


7. Authors Note

Hey hey hey!!

Today I had an epic day at school and im still hyper about it! Well here is the story.


Me, my friend zenia, and my other friend lilly were getting changed for P.E, and we are so slow at changing. When we went to go out, we found out the door was locked, so we went to the other door. That was locked to. We started laughing when Lilly was panicking trynna find a way out somehow. We were stuck for ages and then zenia says 'We're just like Louis niall and zayn being immature.' When we were in their i said... 'they take  a register so they'll come finda us.'

Turns out she didnt do a register, so we had to get out somehow. Me and Zenia were pissing ourselves laughing because lilly was running up and down trying to open one of the doors. lilly finally opened a door (somehow) and we ran to the dance hall. When we got there we were in fits of laughter and the teacher sia dwhy are you late and we said....


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