Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


11. Living in a fairytale ?


The next few weeks were great. I was always with Harry and the guys but mostly with Harry. He moved back in his room with me what was nice cause I could fall asleep every night cuddling in his arms hearing "Sweet dreams, Princess." And wake up with "Good morning beautiful. I just loved living like that. It was relaxing. I also found a job as manager of a boutique. They thought it was good to have a 'celebrity' to have more clients. I had also been on a few ads for the boutique, they wanted me as model as well what was great cause I didn't like to just stay all day at home without doing anything. Then the little holiday was done for the guys so they went back to work. They had interviews, they had to work on a new album, or appear in a few tv shows what was really cool. I usually went with them when I wasn't at the store. Today they had a photo shoot and the best part of it, is that Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle and myself were part of it. For Niall they just found some random model cause the management thought it was good for him to have a girlfriend.

All the boys were downstairs waiting for us. "Girls, we'll be late come on !! We all went down and headed to the studio. The girls and the guys had first separated photo shoots. I was wearing some really short, high waisted blue shorts with a white shirt and a cropped leather jacket. I had some black pumps and some black and blue jewels. I was up first and everyone was surprised that I had done so well cause it was my first really professional shoot. Then we had some group shots and then couple shots. "You look completely gorgeous. " I heard a familiar voice saying coming from beside me. "And look who's talking" I said looking at Harry. He was wearing some dark jeans, a white shirt and a blazer. Harry-outfit. We got in the center of the studio and worked perfectly together. We were just laughing and playing around. It was so much fun.


Amelia and I were the first ones to be done with our shoot so we decided to go have lunch together in a little restaurant near the London eye. We were still wearing are photo shoot outfits that we could keep. She looked stunning. The heels she was wearing made her look very tall and because of the short, her legs looked long. But she was still shorter then me. After eating we went on the London eye all alone. I know that never happens but it was a school day and it was 2:30 so there weren't a lot of people and security had asked for us to be alone in one. I took her in my arms cause I knew she was scared of heights. "Am ?" I asked. "Yeah ?" "I love you" I said. "I do to Harry, thank you for having been there for me." She said smiling at me. "I'm glad I finally met that one person I just want to stay with my hole life." I leaned in and kissed her. I felt like time could just freeze now and stay like this forever. After this we went back home and joined everyone for a relaxing evening.


After a week the magazine with our shoot came out. The pictures were really good, like... amazing. I later got a phone call from IMmodel agency. They saw my pictures and were interested in having me in their agency. After that I did a few national ads what was really cool. I was happy to do something I liked to do.
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