Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


7. Let's do some cleaning

Amelia's POV

I woke up with a massif headache of course I wasn't gonna be a 100% today neither this week but what Zayn gave me worked pretty well. I took a shower put on some sweatpants I bought at Primark and Harry's hoodie. I loved the smell of it. I went downstairs what wasn't very easy cause my head was pounding, I thought it was gonna explode and then I started shaking causing me to hold on to the stairs. When I was downstairs a rushed to my pills and Harry came and took a glass of water so I could take them. When I did he took me in his arms what surprised me. We stayed like that till I stopped shaking what did take a while. "Good morning. What would you want for breakfast ?" He asked smiling. "Oh nothing I'm not hungry." He sat in front of me gazing into my eyes "Amelia, you can't keep up like that. You'll get sick if you don't eat. It has been a hole day since you last ate. You can't keep up like that, your body needs energy, Princess." I blushed and smiled then gave out a little sight "Fine what do you suggest me to eat, Charming ?" "Well I can make you pancakes or cereals if you prefer." "Cereals is perfect" I answered. He then turned around and leaned towards me "I really love the nickname it fits me" he said kissing my cheek "Oh really ? Don't take it to seriously, Styles !" I chuckled. He gave me my cereals and when to make a call.

Harry's POV

I hated seeing her weak but it was better then yesterday thanks to Zayn's pills. We were talking and laughing I than went to Naill's room where I was sleeping to make a call
"Louis ?" I said.

Louis' POV

I was going to Starbucks with Niall, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, Zayn and Perrie when I heard my phone ring. "I have to take that" I said I then gave a quick peck on Eleanor's lips on went to the bathroom that was the only place were there were no fans and it was quiet.

"Louis ?" I heard Harry saying
"Ooh is my Harry calling me cause he needs some help with his girlfriend that isn't his girlfriend but that he totally loves." I said laughing
"Of course not... Well actually yeah. I really do care about her and she deserves to be happy. And I kinda feel we have something going on but... yeah.
"I don't know, I'm not sure you're cool enough for me to help you" I said laughing.
"Come on Louis do I really have to beg ? Ok than please, Louis I beg of you to help me cause you are the smartest guy on earth and you are the only one that has the power to help me. Happy ?"
"Very and were already on it we all left early to leave you guys alone. We're not gonna be home before like 5." I said proud of myself.
"Oh really thanks Louis I owe you one, could you also ask Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle to chose a fancy dress for tonight. I'll pay them back but I really want to take her on a date."
"Oh my god Harry ! You do really like her ! That's a first ! My little carrot is growing up." I said sarcastically.
"Shut up !" I knew he was smiling and was gonna hang up but I said before he could
"Harry I'm happy for you but you know what Aimee represent for me. She's like a sister and I don't like my sisters to end up hurt."
"I know" he said "but I do really like her"
"Well okay than I guess we're good than ! Have fun today. But not to much." I hung up.

Amelia's POV

I put away everything I used to eat. Well actually I didn't eat I just threw it away. Then I decided to clean up a bit cause I felt guilty of staying here but not doing anything in return. I started cleaning the kitchen when Harry came out. "What are you doing ? Nobody asked you to clean ! You should go lay down in your bed and go to sleep." "Don't worry Harry, I'm feeling a lot better." I did the puppy eyes, then he just sighed and said: "Okay but don't overwork yourself !! I'll help you." I put on the tv on a music channel and we start cleaning up while dancing and singing. I had to go sit down cause I felt dizzy. I took my medicine a couple of times then Harry came next to me putting his arm around me. I laid down with my head resting on his chest. "Go to sleep, princess." Was the last thing he said.

I woke up at the sound of him singing 'rock me'. I loved that song it was one of my favorites. He was in the kitchen making sandwiches. "Here you go" he said handing me a sandwich. "Maybe later" I said I saw he was concerned. "Don't worry I'm just not hungry right now." He gave out a big sight. I decided to calm the atmosphere so I took some water out of the bucket on the ground and threw it on him. He looked up from his shirt to me "You're gonna regret this, Miller." "Oh god is that a threat ?" I said sarcastically "You bet." He said coming towards me with some water. "Bring it on, Styles." I laughed. He splashed some water on my shirt so I took a glass of water and threw it in his face. He was all wet. I burst out laughing. "You wanna play it like this ? I see." He took out a bottle of water and in a couple of seconds my face and hair were all wet. I saw him take some Ice cubes. I walked backwards trying to get out of where he was. "You wouldn't" I said then I felt myself falling over the bucket full of water. I was about to hit my head on the wooden floor, but Harry ran towards me and put his hand underneath my head falling over me. The wound I had on my stomach from my dad hurt but I just didn't say anything.

Harry's POV

I fell over her. "How many times will we end up in this position" I asked and laughed than she joined me. I went to sit next to her while she was still laying down. "Harry ?" She said looking at me. "Yes" we gazed into each others eyes. "I'm happy the girls found me, I'm happy you carried me all the way up and gave me your room, I'm happy you cleaned my wounds, I'm happy you all took me as a member of your family. I'm happy to have Louis the brother I never had. But you know what Harry ?" "What?" I grabbed her hands in mine. "I'm most happy about meeting you Harry, having those moment with you." She said smiling with her eyes filling themselves with tears. "And I'm happy to have found my princess." I said before leaning in to kiss her. My lips touched hers and it felt magical. I pulled back unsure of what I was doing. She smiled, sat up and palled her arms around me pulling me closer. When we were so close that I could feel his breath she said "I love you Prince Charming." I smiled kissing her again. This time she kissed me back and in between our kisses I said " I love you to from now till forever." I could feel her smile in the next kiss. After a while kissing we both sat down under a blanket cuddling in the couch watching tv. I could feel she was falling asleep so I asked her. "Babe, would you go on a date with me tonight."She looked at me surprised. "My first day ever would be with Harry Styles ? Well you see... I don't know I had expected something more you know. It's just that you know you're JUST Harry Styles." She said sarcastically, She laughed and then said."I'd love to" was her answer before falling asleep.

After a while I heard the door open "WE'RE HOME ! WHERE'RE MY BEST FRIEND AND LIL SIS ??" I heard Louis scream waking us both up. "In the living" I yelled. They all came to the living than Liam introduces Danielle to me. "I feel like already know you, Liam told me everything about you." I said with a smile while giving her u hug. Then I looked at the time and saw it was 5:30. "Harry at what time should I be ready ?" I whispered in his ear. "We should leave around 7:30." "Okay I'm gonna go get ready." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek he looked at me "Quit teasing" he said. I looked around and no one was watching they were all talking with their girlfriends or just looking for something to eat -Niall-. I leaned in but I just gave him a kiss on his nose and walked away proud of myself. Then I felt him taking my wrist he pulled me and gave me a quick, yet passionate kiss.
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