Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


14. Let the rain fall down


The next day when I woke up Harry wasn't next to me. He and Gemma were gonna go eat and have some brother-sister time. They asked me to come but I didn't really want to. Harry needed to be with his family without me sometimes. So like every morning I took a shower and threw some clothes on. I chose some burgundy skinny jeans -yes I know a lot of burgundy but I kinda really like it now- with a black top, a black leather jacket and some black motor boots. I tried to change my style everyday what wasn't always easy. I went downstairs and talked with Anne for a bit. "Can I help you with something ?" I asked. "Oh no, thanks Hun. Maybe when I have to cook dinner but that's not for now. Why don't you watch tv until the kids are back ?" "Ok" and I walked to the living letting myself fall on the couch. I looked for a good movie and I fell on a movie I could download called 'Pitch Perfect' I had heard it was a funny movie so I downloaded it. It was really good when I was done it was already 11:30. I looked for something else to watch but I ended up falling asleep. "Hey Katy, I'm sorry Harry isn't here right now. But are you sure he knows you were coming." I woke up hearing Anne saying that. Wait... Did she say KATY ?? THE Katy I asked never to come back ? I went in the hall seeing her talking to Anne, she was about to leave. Yes !!! "Oh my god, Aimee is that you ?" She said coming towards me and giving me a hug. "You !" I said but she cut me off "Do you really want your stepmom to think you threw nice little Katy out ?" Argh. Katy 1 Me 0. Anne walked us to the living and went to the kitchen. "What do you want ?" I asked. "Well I was coming here for Harry but when I saw you I just thought that really have to talk." "Bout what ??" "Well I don't like you dating Harry you're just a homeless slut looking for money. You just take advantage of him and everyone knows it. You're ugly, fat and are full of scares how could you even have thought you could date Harry Styles ? Go back to where you lived before, oh no sorry babes !! You have nowhere to go. To bad !! You're just a homeless fucking slut." She said that at once without breathing in between, just like it was the most random thing to say. Tears were already rolling down my cheeks. She was right I had nothing to do here. This wasn't my world it was Harry's but I wasn't gonna let her walk all over me. I was gonna say something but the words wouldn't leave my mouth. So she started talking again, calling me every single mean word she could think of, me still crying in front of her. Then suddenly Anne came in "Katy get out of my house now and don't ever dare to put a feet back in here. Oh and don't think you're gonna get away with that. I called your parents they're waiting for you at home." I could see how Katy was mad and she left slamming the door behind her. Katy 1 Anne 1. Tears were streaming I couldn't stop them. Anne hugged me and told me. "Honey, don't listen to what she said, not a single word was true. She's just jealous of you but she doesn't deserve your tears." It was nice to hear it but I couldn't believe her words, I could only think of what she said. "I'm sorry Anne, it has been amazing here but I think I should go back to London I can't stay here right now. Can you tell Harry I love him and that he should never doubt that. I'll be sleeping at my friends house." That was a lie, I didn't have any friends. I took my bags and threw all my clothes in it. Then I left and gave Anne a big hug and said thank you for everything. I then walked out and went to the station that harry had showed me when we came here. I looked back once more and said goodbye to the house. I arrived at the station and looked for a train, the next one was at 3:35, so in 35min. Great.


I looked at the sky and the sunny morning was changing into a grey afternoon. That was tiring. I left early with Gemma so we could go on a walk and then eat at a little restaurant we would always go to when we were young. Then she decided to go shopping !! Argh. That just made me really mad but I wasn't gonna show it cause it was our brother-sister day. Now it was around 3 and I'm really tired. I pulled up and parked the car. I stepped out and opened the door. I was really happy I could finally see my princess. "Mom were home." I yelled. I went to the kitchen and saw her sitting there. I kissed her cheek and went to find Amelia. She wasn't there. I went to our room... Her things were all gone. I ran downstairs to the kitchen. "Mom where's..." I was cut off by my mom. "Harry, I'm sorry. She left." "Wait... What ? Why ?" "Katy was here and she gave Aimee a hug so I thought they were friends, but something felt wrong so I put them in the living room leaving the doors to the kitchen open so I could hear them. Katy said horrible things to her so I threw her out and I tried to make her feel better but she just kept believing what Katy said to her. I'm really sorry Harry." My mom was sad that Amelia left but I felt horrible. I had seen how she reacted with Katy and she seemed so strong so what could've have happened for her to leave. "What did she tell her." I asked. "Harry..." "No mom I have to know !" I said raising my voice a little. "She told her stuff like homeless slut, taking advantage of you, looking for money, then a lot of other mean insults and also that she was ugly and full of scares so there was no way you could love her." I felt really bad cause I knew that Am didn't have a lot of confidence with herself and me being together. I know she hated the fact that she was homeless and that I helped her. I know she hated her scares and felt ashamed of them. I knew all of that and I knew people would use that on her but calling her slut, whore, bitch and all of those ? Are you serious ? I would kill Katy next time I saw her. "Where is she ?" "She told me about 20min ago she was taking a train to go back to London and sleep at her friends house." She didn't have any friends, where was she going ? I took my phone out and looked at the train hours. The last train was at 2:50 and so she couldn't have taken that one so I looked at the next one. It was leaving in 15 min. I took the car and rushed over there. I could see that it was starting to rain. When I arrived it was 3:30. How was I gonna find her in 5min ? I ran everywhere till I finally found where her train would be. I went over to it and saw her walking on the train. I took her hand and pulled her what startled her and she fell into my arms. "Harry... What are you doing here ? I'm not good for you let me go !!" She said trying to pull away. "I won't let you go. I don't care what she said to you. I love you Amelia ! I do ! Don't leave me." Tears were filling my eyes but it was almost impossible to see. It was starting to rain harder. I could see her tears filling her eyes. "Harry..." "No shhhht, don't say anything." My voice sounded weak. "I beg you Amelia, don't believe her words. Look at me." I pulled her chin up, she looked hurt. "I love you Amelia. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, ever loved. I love you more than Louis loves carrots, that Niall loves food and that Zayn loves his hair." She laughed. "I love you too Harry." She smiled and it started pouring. She ran under the covered bench. "Come Harry, you're gonna get wet." I smiled looking up. "Come !" I said. "Wait... what ? No are you crazy ?" "Come on trust me !!" She came over to me. I put my hands under her bum and pulled her up. She put her both hands on my shoulders and she leaned down. I kissed her, in the rain being all wet. It was soft but it lasted long are lips were in total sync. It felt amazing. I put all my love for her in it. When we pulled away she said. "Let the rain fall down." I laughed "I love you Am." "I love you too Harry."
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