Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


8. Just the beginning of a wonderful date

Amelia's POV

After the kiss he gave me I smiled and just went upstairs to take a shower. When I came out of the shower I put on my pj's and desperately looked everywhere for something to wear. There wasn't anything that was pretty enough. I heard someone knock on the door. Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor came in. "Need something to wear ?" Danielle said while Perrie took a black dress strapless dress out, the upper part was recovered in lace and was tight, the skirt part was black tulle recovered by lace. The tulle made the dress go wider on the bottom . It was short so that we could see my legs. It was amazing. "Oh... my... god ! It's stunning. I can't believe you girls. How did you know ?" "Well we left early so you could have a day by yourselves but this morning Harry called Louis to ask if we could go and get you a dress. And that's we did. He really does care about you." Eleanor said. I smiled and blushed. "I do to". I looked down. "Aaaaaw" they said in chorus and gave me a hug. "Go try it on we'll come back later. " "Ok thanks guys." I looked everywhere for skin color tights so my wounds would be covered. I tried my dress on, I have never seen my body look so slim and my legs looked long. But then I looked at my face it definitely needed some makeup to cover up some bruises. I had to call the girls for make up and shoes I went out of the bathroom and who was sitting on my bed? "Oh I'm sorry Hun did we forget to give you some shoes ?" Danielle said sarcastically taking out some purple pumps out of a bag. "Or a clutch ?" Eleanor added. "Maybe you need some help with your makeup." Perrie laughed." "Ooooh I love you girls." I gave them a quick hug.

Then they helped me, Perrie did my hair curling it at the end, Eleanor did my makeup, a light brown smokey eyes with some mascara and red lipstick and Danielle went to look for accessories. When I was ready they took a step back and said: "Woooow like really... Woooow !" Then Perrie screamed from the stairs. "I present you Princess Charming." Everyone laughed but they all gathered around the stairs. When I came down I saw all of them looking shocked. Was something wrong ? Then Louis said "Woow" so I thought it was positive.

Harry's POV

I was wearing some black jeans with a white shirt and a black blazer. I was waiting downstairs being nervous, walking from one side to the other. Then I heard I heard Eleanor scream: "I present to you Princess" everyone laughed and gathered around the staircase. Then she came out. I've never seen someone that pretty before she looked amazing in her black short dress with some purple pumps and her purple bag. "Woow" was all Louis could say. I walked towards her. I took her hands in mine and I was facing her. "I've never seen a prettier girl than you. You look... absolutely stunning" I said. She looked up with sparks in her eyes, she had a huge smile and was blushing. "You look very handsome Harry." I smiled bag we leaned closer but before I could kiss her Niall pushed her away "EEEEWW GUYS !! Please don't do that in front of us and just go on your date." We laughed and I led her to the car.

Amelia's POV

We drove to the restaurant. The ride was so much fun we were laughing and signing then we pulled up to a nice place. There were so many people and paparazzi. The security came out first and pulled the fans to the side making way for us to move. Harry said hi to a couple of girls, he took pictures signed autographs and gave hugs. I said hi to couple of nice girls too, I actually thought they were nice. "Hey Amelia" said a girl I think my one or two years younger than me. I walked towards her. "You know your just bringing Harry down ? You don't match him and never will." Her nice smiled turned into an evil one. I heard Harry calling me so I went inside. I couldn't stop thinking about what she said. Did I really bring him down ?

Harry's POV

We came into the restaurant and Amelia couldn't believe her eyes she said at least 10 times how pretty it was. I ordered for her cause she didn't know what to order. "Harry this is amazing ! This is amazing !" She looked happy when she said it but then... it faded , she realized I was looking at her cause she smiled again. I wasn't stupid. I knew something was wrong. "What's wrong, babe ?" "Nothing I'm just amazed, it's the best firs date I ever had !" She said. "Ok, I guess."

Then we laughed the hole time. Sometimes I saw a glince of sadness in her eyes but it quickly faded away. Afterwards I payed and took her hand and went back to our penthouse. I pushed on the button to go the last floor. "Euhm... Harry that's not our level." She said laughing. "I know" I smiled at her confused look. We arrived on the roof, she puts her hand on her mouth "Woaw, Harry..." You could see she was speechless. I took her hand and we walked a little further. "Harry... I'm scared of heights..." I hugged her. "Don't worry I'm here" she stared into my eyes and I stared into hers." Did I already tell you how stunning you are ?" "Only ten times" She chuckled, she was so cute. I put my hands on her waist en she put hers around my neck. I leaned so that my nose touches hers. "I love you princess" Oh my god ! Did I, Harry Styles say that I love a girl ? Well I did. I kissed her full of passion, the best kiss we had had. It was just amazing, I could feel warmth all over my body. She pulled away. "I love you too, Prince Charming." She smiled. Then we heard Niall scream "Louis I got the picture. They kissed HAHAHA !!! Louis I got proof !!!" "Niall SHUT UP" we laughed then she opened the door of the roof and the boys just fell down on the ground. "Didn't your moms ever told you that eavesdropping isn't good ?" We laughed and went back to our penthouse. It was just an amazing night, that I'll never forget.
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