Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


2. Help

Aimee's POV

I was running like crazy. You wanna know why ? Cause I am an idiot who stole money from the gang leader from the gang 'the black panthers'. Everyone knew them, and everyone feared them. Well of course I was in need of money and his wallet was in his pocket. I could see it so I had to take it of course. Well that's the reason why I'm running now. I started to go in a street that could hopefully lead me to something good. Crap ! Here I was with a wall in front of me and five guys behind me. I. AM. SCREWED. Thats all I could think of. Then I closed my eyes to take a deep breathe. They started walking towards me and they threw me on the ground, I tried to leave but it wasn't possible. A piercing pain went threw my legs so I opened my eyes and I saw them kicking them then it was my stomach's turn. I grasped from the pain. Than the last image I saw was the men who I stole from grinning, It hurt more than it had ever. I suppose they hit me in the face. Than it went black.

Eleanor's POV

I went shopping with Perrie. We tried to find some new boutiques but ended up getting lost. I know that's kinda embarrassing... "Are you sure we're going to right way ?" I asked. She didn't answer so I suppose she didn't know. Perrie was walking in front of me, following the directions her phone gave her. Oh. 'Directions'. I felt a smile growing on my face. I was thinking about Louis. one of the singers of the band "One Direction" but of course you know that. What was I saying ? Oh yeah... Louis my boyfriend. His so cute and always making me laugh and he's sweet. Really sweet and... I stopped just before hitting Perrie who just suddenly stopped in front of me. "Why did you stop" I asked. I had no reactions but her face looked worried and scared. I looked at what she was gazing at. And my heart stopped. There was a girl laying on the floor. She had blood on her face and I think I saw bruises on other places but I wasn't sure, I couldn't see from where I was. "O my god" Perrie said. "What should we do, I can see she's breathing but... Should we call 999 ?" "I don't know... I'll call Louis and ask them to come over. Maybe we should take her at our place and see if her wounds are serious and then call 999." I said. She nodded I could see she was almost speechless. I called Louis.

"Hi love how is shopping ?" He said
"Louis I need your help now ! We are... Well I don't know where and there's a girl laying on the ground I think she's our age and her face is covered with bruises and o my god Louis what should I do ?" I said starting to feel tears rolling down my face.
Then he said a bunch of stuff like don't worry, I'll be there and where are you. So I told him where Perrie's phone said we were. Than I hung up.

"Do you really think we can trust your phone ?" I said with a little sarcasm but I guess I was kind off serious too.She gave me a look and I guess it made us feel a little better cause we started laughing even if it was just for a little moment.

Harry's POV

Me Louis and Zayn were in the penthouse we shared with the other boys. I was bored. Zayn and Louis were talking about their girlfriends who were so amazing and sweet and nice and beautiful and... I stop here cause otherwise I would have to continue all day. Why couldn't I have someone like that ? Someone to wake up next to every morning and say "Good morning beautiful". I guess, or the girls were fans or our relation didn't last long. I was pulled out my thoughts when I heard Louis' phone ring.

"Hi love how is shopping ?" I guess it's Eleanor.
"Wait what ? Don't cry sweetheart ! Calm down ! " He had a worried look on his face. Me and Zayn looked at each other and walked over to him.
"I'm on my way ! I'm taking Zayn and Harry with me." Than he hung up.

"What's wrong ?" I asked. " If I understood well, they were shopping and got lost so Perrie's phone brought them in a weird street that they didn't know and they saw a girl laying down with blood on her face. So they basically need our help" He took he's key and we all took are jackets and than went downstairs and took the Range that we only used for special occasions. Perrie had sent us the address.

We were ther 10 minutes later and saw Perrie and Eleanor sitting next to this girl laying on the ground. We all went to them and I decided to carry her in bridal style in the car I put her on the middle seats. I took her head and I put it on my lap and looked at her. The other put there bags in the car and went in as well, Louis was driving and Eleanor was next to him. Zayn and Perrie were all the way in the back. I kept on starring at her. My heart sank when I saw the wounds that were covering her face. Her left eye was all purple-blue'ish and swollen as well as her cheek that turned all red. She had a couple of cuts all over. Who had done that to her. Her clothes were ruined. The ride home felt like forever. I was just starring at her thinking about a lot of things.

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