Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


16. Back to London


After staying at Anne's house for a week or two we went back to London. It felt great to know we'll be back in a few hours. "Come on, Am. Lets go." I gave Anne and Gemma a hug and we left. We opened the door and saw some paparazzi in front of the door. We could barely go thru it. That was the first time I had seen that. On our way home I was thinking a lot about my parents' death. It was the anniversary of their death tomorrow. "Amelia, I'm so sorry about the paparazzi. I see that you're not happy about it and I'm so sorry." He looked so hurt. " Harry, that's not the problem. I don't mind showing myself with you it's just that tomorrow is the..." I took a deep breath "the anniversary of my parents death and it's hard." Tears were streaming down my cheeks. "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't know." It was silent for a little while when suddenly Harry broke it. "You never really told me how they died... If you don't want to it's totally fine !" I felt myself tearing up. I had never told anyone what had happened. "Ok, so here I go. When I wasn't born yet, my dad was in a gang. My mom told him that she was pregnant and that he had to leave the gang. He was happy but the gang wasn't. He couldn't leave and he knew that wouldn't go to well so when I was very young, we moved to the USA. I came back a few years ago cause he thought it would have faded but it didn't. The police had told me they had been murdered but they never found who. My dad had left me a letter that he had written a couple of days earlier, telling me that he knew he was followed and that if something had happened, that they could have done that." Tears fell down my cheek. He put his hand on mine. "I wouldn't want to ask to many questions but do you remember which gang it was." I thought a bit. "We'll it was something with an animal and the" Oh my god. The black panthers ! The guy I had stolen from ! Oh my god, what if he find me ? He would kill me if he knew who I was... I started fidgeting and Harry realized it. "What's wrong ?" He was very worried. "The black panthers. That's the name of the gang. And the one I had stolen from, he had hurt me last time, it was their leader. If he knows it's me..." I couldn't help my tears. All the pain from last time came back and I shivered. "He won't know and he won't do anything. I promise." After that I fell asleep and when I woke up we were home.

"Love, wake up. We're here." I opened my eyes and stood up. Harry took my bags away from me and carried them. We went inside I let myself fall on the couch without even looking around. "Ouch" I stood up and I had actually let myself fall on Louis. "Lou, what are you doing here ?" I still wasn't very happy cause I was still thinking about my dad. "Surprise." I heard Niall scream. I looked around and saw Niall in the kitchen, Zayn sitting next to Louis and Liam came in. "What are you all doing here ?" I said again. "Woaw, someone's in a bad mood. We cam to say hi." I felt bad for being mean. "Hey Amelia, maybe you should go take a nap in our room." I could see Harry was still worried. I smiled at him as he gave me a quick peck on my lips. I went to the room and instantly fell asleep.


"What's wrong with her ?" Liam asked worriedly. "To keep it short. Tomorrow is the anniversary of her parents death. They were my murdered by the gang called the black panthers and this gang is the one that made her be hurt when we found her." Their jaw dropped obviously seeing what the problem was. "I just don't want her to be to worried so I'll just cheer her up, I think we'll just hang out in our room and watch a movie." "No problem, we'll be here and if you need something just tell us." I smiled at Louis and nodded. I went to the room and saw her sleeping there. I slid next to her. She woke up. "Hey." I smiled. "Do you want to watch a movie ?" "Sure" She smiled back. We put on "The vow". I was just looking at her. She looked so strong but she was just a fragile thing. She was stunning. I couldn't believe that I had so much chance to be with her. I really loved her, a lot. After the movie we quickly are a pizza and went to sleep.
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