Not a typical princess

Amelia Miller is 18years old. She lives a bit everywhere in London. She didn't like her foster home so she ran away. Amelia steels to survive and one day she stole from the leader of 'The Black Panthers' one of the most dangerous and feared gangs in London. What will happen when they run after her ? Who will find her ? Who will help her ? This book is full of love, drama and... LOVE. It's my first, I hope you like it.


3. Amelia or Aimee

Harry's POV

When we finally arrived home I carried her in bridal style and took her up to my room. We had a penthouse with only five rooms and 5 members. First we decided to put her on the couch but after thinking i took her to my room. I was followed by Eleanor and Perrie. Louis and Zayn were downstairs talking to Niall and Liam who came back from a walk. I put her on the bed, Perrie put a pillow under her head and Eleanor wrapped her in some soft covers.

We stayed there for an hour. She wouldn't wake up. The guys came up a couple of times to see if everything was right. They decided to go eat, all of them beside me. I don't know why but I couldn't leave her alone I felt bad for her. And to be honest I felt attracted to her. I think I saw her eyes flinch. "Hey, are you alright ?" She didn't move and then she flinched 3 times before opening her eyes. "Hi love how do you feel ?"

Aimee's POV

I woke up and heard "Hey are you alright ?" I ended up opening my eyes and handsome boy said. "Hi love how do you feel ?" He had brown curly hair and green eyes. I stared in his eyes for a while but then quickly looked away. I tried to sit up what was really hard cause my body was hurting more than I could remember ever hurting. He helped me and put a cushion under my head so it would help. "What's your name ? He asked with a smile. Should I tell him ? Where was I anyway ? I started looking around and I think he realized that cause he quickly said "Don't worry your in my room, 2 girls found you on the street and they called their boyfriends who are my best friends and members of our band..." I cut him off "One direction and you are Harry Styles I know I saw some posters of your concerts and albums when I was walking on the street at night." Shit ! How stupid am I ?Now he's gonna ask me questions. He had a worried look on his face. "What were you doing wandering on the streets at night ? It's dangerous." I didn't say anything and looked down. "You know you can tell the guy who carried you all the way to here in his arms." He said with a shy little smile. I raised my head and looked again in his green eyes. He was the one who carried me ? That's nice. He kind off saved my life. "Thank you very much. I suppose I owe you and your friends some explication. You did save my life. But can we talk about that a later ? My head is hurting and it's not the best moment to talk about painful memories right now" He nodded. "My name is Amelia Miller, but you can call me Aimee like everyone does." I smiled and it was a real one this time. "No I like Amelia better,it's a beautiful name" he said with a little smile. Even if I have heard that from many people, I felt different when he was the one saying it. I blushed.

My head was hurting, I put my hands in front of my eyes but that didn't help. I felt strong and soft hands grabbing my hands gently taking them. "Amelia?" He asked worried. When he said my name, I felt my cheek becoming red, a warm feeling going threw my body. "Why do you have so many wounds ?" He whispered looking at the ground. He frowned his eyebrows. I could hear that he was worried, sad and scared of my answer. That's when I realize that I was here because of the Black Panthers. I had no clue if they were done with me or if they would still be after me... and that would put all of them in danger, and Harry too... He still had his hands in mine. He never pulled away, but then I did. "I have to go" is said with a rush. I pulled the covers away from me and stood up. Not a good idea. I forgot all the wounds I had on my legs, laying down it didn't hurt that much. My knees collapsed. And guess who caught me ? Harry.

"Are you okay ? You should stay, at least just a little bid longer. And tell me about your wounds. Maybe it would be easier if you tell me first before telling us all at once." He was smiling, his beautiful green eyes were looking at me. Without letting go of my hand he puts me down and pulls my pants up reviling the bruises on my legs. Now I understand why it hurts so much. They were ugly and scary. He was worried but tried not to show anything. "Let's clean up your wounds while you tell me the story. That's what I did, I told him everything about my parents, foster home, drugs, steeling, living everywhere and the black panthers. When I was done all I could see in his green eyes was sadness and compassion. That's definitely a feeling I never saw anyone give me. My eyes were sore from crying and I was tired from telling the story. "Go to sleep, love. "He smiled. He knew me better than anyone, but I knew him only for a few hours. Aimee wake up ! You can't fall in love with him. Oops... I already did ! I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Harry's POV

She fell back asleep. She didn't have an easy life and she kept saying she was though but why did she shatter in pieces while telling me the story? She was stunning. The wounds couldn't cover her beauty. She had a really pale skin, with red lips and blue eyes. Her eyes were just... I can't even describe them. They were light blue you could see sadness in them but happiness as well. She had long brown wavy hair that was ombré died. A warm feeling went threw my hole body when she looked at me. And when I touched her hand I would feel my heart skip u beat. Was I already in love with her ? You don't know her that well. Don't fall in love with her ! Oops... I already did !
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