Sarah Allen, has it all, but all is not enough. When the reality hits her one day, she runs away, she wants to start a new life. Without realising the consequences, Sarah is lost, all alone in the big world. The little girl wished for independance, but when she is given too much, she wants nothing more than to be back to her old life, but that never comes and Sarah must fend for herself.


1. Prologue

Dreams buzzing around wondrously inside the clueless head of a beautiful young girl: Sarah- unlike all the other stereo-typical girls owned a little, manic world of her own. Thoughts rushed through her brain, like a slick waterfall, gracefully, yet rapidly pouring into her mind. Many ideas continued to bounce off one another, carelessly waiting to be experimented; as the urge to beat her personal best haunted her. In fact Sarah’s whole life was sadly defeated by her own self…


Intelligent, however still too young to understand the meaning of life, Sarah Allen aged 12, believed that dreams really do come true. But reality was looming closer, gradually preparing to capture her hopes of independence and menacingly destroy all her dreams of the future.




Big round eyes, the colour of the bright green grass beneath her small feet, gormlessly let the magical surroundings seep in. Delicately balancing in the middle of her garden, Sarah suddenly froze, merely to examine the country side around her. Beautiful blue sky covered her home town of Hampshire, as the soft, candyfloss like clouds hovered just below. Multi coloured flowers tickled her little, pale legs and loud, however relaxing chirps came from the birds hidden amongst the tall, green trees, scattered across her many acres of well-kept garden!


Eventually, the trance broke, and the chaotic household whirled back into place. Although she was still standing upright, with a perfect posture gazing into the distance, her ears automatically tweaked as the sound of heavy footsteps came closer and closer.

“Sarah?” shouted the deep, distressed voice of Sir Allen, local business man, and also the most popular man in the town.

“Yes Father?” quickly replied the confused girl in a high pitched, slightly frightened tone, as she gracefully spun round to face the fierce man. However she was too slow, as the large figure had already disappeared through the back door of the Victorian building, and all you could hear was her faint, gentle sigh of relief. Trembling at every movement the strong wind made, a tiny, cold shiver would run down her bony back each time her fearless Father would even draw breath.


Grass gently swaying around her, the beautiful outdoors seemed dead to Sarah. Magnificent colours of all the newly grown flowers were too dull for her liking. Her round eyes could only vision 2 cold colours: Black and White. As the joyous screams of laughter belonging to the local young school children running up and down the lively street together, Sarah only understood it as screams of anger. No excuse was valid for this way of being, but it was the way she had lived her whole life, and will continue to…


Very wealthy, and had almost everything a girl of her age could ever wish for, yet fault was always visible through her eyes. A huge house: Pretty on the outside, with fluorescent pink flowers blossoming at the bottom of the walls. An imaginable fairy-tale like house, with a young princess inside, waiting to discover her Prince Charming below her high window. However Sarah lacked in this imagination and found the house daunting, due to the tall walls which surrounded her, enclosing her life.


Home-schooled since the day her eyes opened, Sarah had no idea what the real world was like. Trapped was not the way she wanted to live.  Continuously busy, Lord Allen never has enough time to spend on Sarah, his own daughter. In fact, she was never wanted either. “She was an accident!” She recalls hearing whenever a new argument between her mother and father arises. ‘It’s always my fault’, she thinks carelessly. Maid after maid, nanny after nanny, Sarah seemed to knock down all the so-called-servants as if she were ten pin bowling. She didn’t want a nanny to tuck her into bed at 8 o’clock each night, she didn’t want to have a set schedule of the day’s doings as soon as the morning wind blew, she didn’t want her life. All she wanted was one little thing, love.






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