3DS XL (Reviewing 2012 competition)

A review on one of the most anticipated gaming consoles of 2012, for the 'Reviewing 2012' competition


1. Review

Nintendo are well known in the gaming industry for their popular games and consoles, appealing to people of all ages. However in the past few years, they have been surpassed by rivals, most notably Microsoft, who are the creators of the Xbox. Trying to regain their status, they released the 3DS; a console with 3D graphics visible to the human eye without glasses. In this article, I will be reviewing the larger version of the console, rating important gaming aspects of it.


This was the improvement on the DSi, and gamers, including myself, were not disappointed. Both the non 3D graphics and 3D graphics are excellent, not disappointing the hype.
The 3D graphics were impressively rendered, and when adjusting the strength of the graphics, the difference between 3D and non 3D was clearly visible.
There are only a few games in the market, at the moment, which have a format for both the standard 3DS, and for the 3DS XL. Most 3DS games are stretched out onto the larger screen. This feature sounds like a negative, yet it does not disappoint, apart from text being slightly blurred, but that is still readable.
Negatives of the 3D aspect is that it makes the eyes particularly tired, however the manual does state safety regulations, so it's not like the gamer isn't pre-informed. It is obvious why there is an age restriction, however.
Rating: 4/5, because the 3D graphics tire out the eyes


Unfortunately, when 3D mode is on, whether turned on to the max, or on half, the battery goes flat within an hour, a very poor feature. Of course the new type of software would take up battery, however Nintendo should have made an effort to extend the battery life. Without the 3D graphics the battery life is the same as any other DS.
The charger for the battery doesn't actually come with the console, like its predecessors. You have to buy it from a gaming store, at an additional cost of £5 for UK gamers. There isn't a logical reason why Nintendo decided not to include the charger, but it is a poor aspect if the buyer isn't prepared for this setback.
Rating: 2/5, because of not only poor battery life, but having to buy extra products in order to charge it


The console itself has new controls added to it, and controls being moved.There are now three buttons on the edge of the bottom section, the home button being a new button, allowing easy access back to the menu, and the select and the start button to its side. These are placed in an unhelpful position, as some gamers choose to rest their thumb on that area, and this leads to them frequently pausing the game, which is of course extremely irritating. The new joystick allows the gamer to move between various items, whether on games or the menu. This is a lot like the joystick on the Xbox controller, as pointed out by other critics, however I will point out the GameCube controller, which was made by Nintendo, had the joystick to the left of its controller first.
Rating: 4/5, because some buttons are in an awkward place

Overall, the 3DS XL is a great addition to the Nintendo, and gaming console, family. But it's features being analysed shows that perhaps Nintendo need to fix a few features for their most inevitable updated DS console.
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