Olivia is a normal girl with a horrible live, she gets bullied at school and gets abused by her parents every day, she cant take it anymore.will she kill herself or runaway. who will take care of her after she s gone
read to find out
plz comment for any changes
thx ilysm



My name is olivia, i am 16 years old,i come from Ireland.enjoy the story ofmy life(miserable life i guess). 

i woke up from my bed, enduring the pain from my brusies my dad and mum gave me for snicking out to hang out with my friend Ashlinn, have i told u that my parent abuse me every day and i also get bullied in school which my parents dont care about. i woke up by the voice of my dad yelling out my name"OLIVIA GET THE HELL OUT OF BED AND GO TO UR FUCKING SKL WHERE U DONT LEARN A DAMN THING" he yelled out loud. i quickly jumped out of bed took a shower brushed my teeth and put on a blue skinny jeans with a red top that says "me alone". i straightened my hair and put on my skl bag and ran downstairs i didnt bother to ask for breakfast because i knew i wouldnt get one, so i just got out of the house and walked to skl, my school is 5 min aeway from my house whch is not that long. i got to skl ready to absorve all the insults my peers in skl will give me. as i walked in the class room everyone stared at me. i didnt really care i was walking up to my seat when  a boy stuck his feet out which made me trip over , everyone started to laugh at me i felt so sad and angry i wanted to kill him right away, i stood up and looked at him with an evil eyes then he whispered something in my ear " i know u still love me" i hissed at him wanting to cry but i couldnt i walked up to my seat and sat down before the teacher came in. you may be wondering who the little bastard is, he is was my ex-boyfriend his name is dustin, dustin wheeler i broke up with him because he wanted to have sex with me when i wasnt ready for it.the teacher mr smith was teaching literacy while i was staring at everyone in the class because i was bored. the class finshed and we went out as i was about leaving i was drawn back by the same guy(dustin) i wante to leave but i couldnt him and his crew insulted me and made me want to cry but i was to strong so i didnt cry they let me go if i kissed dustin they were such jerks but i told them wouldnt then i left. the day went on and on until it was time to go home i went home with my friend ashlinn we talked all th e way home and had fun together. when i got home i gave her a hug and said bye.                                              




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