Olivia is a normal girl with a horrible live, she gets bullied at school and gets abused by her parents every day, she cant take it anymore.will she kill herself or runaway. who will take care of her after she s gone read to find out plz comment for any changes thx ilysm WARNING; INCLUDEDS COURSE LANGUAGES AND SEXUAL REFERNCES.



I walked into the house, thinking that my parents are not at home, i walk upstairs and i hear someone call my name it sounds like my dad, so i put my bag in my room and walk downstairs,walking downstairs i see my dad with an angry look on his face my body starts to shake i come a bit closer then he ask really loudly where i have been, and i told him that i have been in school which was not true, i was hanging out with my friend ashlinn. but i could not tell him that he will kill me, so i just lied then he hit me right on my face i fell on the floor weak, i couldnt move he went into the kitchen to bring a knife i stood up immediately ran upstairs and locked the door, he shouted my name, i broke the glass took my stuff and jumped out of the window i had to do it,ti was my only chance i said to myself, i heard the front door open i looked to seewho it was it was my dad, i ran as fast as i could i ran into the bush to rest i knew he couldnt find me there i waited until it was silent i came out of the bush and ran to ashlinn's house she opened the door and i rushed in, i told her about what happened and she said i could stay for as long as i want. i was so happy.i tought of leaving town with ashlinna nd she said we could start tomorrow, we chose to go to London.

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