Katniss and Niall's Fight for Love

Katniss Everdeen and Niall Horan are madly in love but when they are both choosen to fight in the 74th Hunger Games, they not only fight for survial but also for love when they ecounteor their biggest enemy, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. This is my twisted remake of one direction and the hunger games.


5. The Questions

" tell me what just hapened in the arena!" I yelled at haymitch on the hovercraft.

" I dont know what you mean sweetie." haymitch answers thinking i dont know what happened that was odd.

" I know that the games werent meant to go that fast by 4 boys killing everyone! I know that these boys cant kill everyone in 2 days!! I know that 2 people werent supposed to win! And i know  that the hovercraft only picks you up unless you are dead or the victor and that Liam Payne guy wasnt dead or the victor!! Haymitch you will answer me about what happened in the arena or..." Haymitch cuttede didnt  me off.

"Or what girly, you will smack me with your braid? ohh i am so scared!"

" Haymitch answer me!!" i said in a voice that seemed almost like have an option but to answer me which he didnt.

" Alright fine, those 4 boys risked their lives for their very poor family, the capitol told them that if they volunteer, their family lives in the victor's village, they took the deal. The plan was to kill everyone except you 6. the 4 boys were supposed to kill eachother for you katniss. but we over heard them talking saying they really did fall in love with you. The end, zayn was supposed to win you but they all fought and Liam won, but the capitiol didnt lke it so they punshed him."

" why didnt you tell us?" niall asked.

" Because we didnt want to ruin the plan but the 4 boys already did."

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