Katniss and Niall's Fight for Love

Katniss Everdeen and Niall Horan are madly in love but when they are both choosen to fight in the 74th Hunger Games, they not only fight for survial but also for love when they ecounteor their biggest enemy, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. This is my twisted remake of one direction and the hunger games.


2. The Capitol

When we get to the capitol, we see all these people dressed like giant birds. I heard Niall laughing either knowing my joke or making up a new joke about these people. This year the schedule was different, I really dont know why. We met all the other tributes, except only 11 stood out for me when meeting them. .I remembered from District 1 Marvel and Glimmer, from 2 i saw Cato and Clove. From 3 i only remembered a kid named Harry, from 4 i saw Zayn, from 5 i saw a girl i remebered as foxface because her face looked like a fox, but i think her name was Finch and with her was Liam. From Districts 6-10 i didnt even thought about their names, but from District 11 a small girl named Rue and a large boy i remebered as Thresh. and of course me, Katniss and Niall.

Then Effie seperates Niall and I and says we are getting ready for the parade. I lay down on a table naked and wait, then all these people come and start shaving my body and fixing all the little things in my body. They leave and a guy named cinna comes in and starts to put my clothes and talks about what will happen, his partner Portia is working on niall and they have the same idea. He ties my hair into a swirly bun and puts a full body suit that most people wear while scuba diving, just like a wet suit. Finally i see niall again and everyone else getting ready, Cinna brings fake flames and tells us we will be on fire with fake flames. He lights us up and we are on our  way.

Since being in District 12 we are the last float but when we come out all eyes are on us. We are pulled on chariots by horses. Finally we stop and we listen to President Snow. When we are done effie shows are penthouse and we get clean up. The dinner was quiet up until effie talks about how we stood out so much. We went in front of the tv after dinner and watched the parade. " We were amazing!" Niall yelled after seeing us, Niall knowing he may be dead in a couple of hours can still be positive. Niall and I go to sleep but i can tell he didnt want to so we stayed up watching the other districts' reapings.

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