What would you do if you got kidnapped by the boy band you hate?

Gabriella has been abused by her father since she was 7 and her mother died. She is now 17 and has been taking Karate since she could remember, Jujitsu since she was 4, plus boxing and kick boxing since she was 6, so you could say she knows how to defend herself. When she was 9 her older brother left with out saying good bye. He left because he couldn't take it any more, and she hasn't seen him since.
**8 years later**
Gabriella is getting supper for her and her room mate, Anna, when all of a sudden things go black. she wakes up in a strange place and some one looks familiar.


3. Payback's a BITCH

He slowly took off my top, which I liked because it stalled time. I guess he could see I liked it because he then ripped it right off. He unclipped my bra and slid down my shorts and panties with one quick movement. I was bare and had the urge to take my hands away so I could cover myself. I hated being exposed I felt so vulnerable.

He already had his shirt off and was slipping off his jeans to reveal a large boner through his calvin klein boxers. I stared at it in disgust.

" Like what you see?" he asked me


"really, so tell me you dont enjoy this."

he kissed my neck tenderly and made his way down to uncharted territory. I let a small moan escape my lips but I was trying not let it happen again. Wait.

"Hey what day is it today?"

"Do you really need to know?"

"Yes I do, it's really important. If you don't tell me you'll regret it" I tried to explain convincingly. I didn't work

He shoved a finger into me and then 2, then 3. It felt a little good but he didn't know what was going on until he took them out to lick them. When his fingers came out, they were red.


"Girl stuff."I calmly replied. "Happens once a month and I thought today was my day that's why I needed the day."I laughed at this, can't say i didn't warn him.


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