What would you do if you got kidnapped by the boy band you hate?

Gabriella has been abused by her father since she was 7 and her mother died. She is now 17 and has been taking Karate since she could remember, Jujitsu since she was 4, plus boxing and kick boxing since she was 6, so you could say she knows how to defend herself. When she was 9 her older brother left with out saying good bye. He left because he couldn't take it any more, and she hasn't seen him since.
**8 years later**
Gabriella is getting supper for her and her room mate, Anna, when all of a sudden things go black. she wakes up in a strange place and some one looks familiar.


4. Just Because I'm a girl, Doesn't Make Me Weak.

Gabriella's P.O.V.

Harry sounded disgusted. SERVED HIM RIGHT! He went to the bathroom the clean up, while I heard 4 pairs of feet rush into the room.

" What did you do to him!?!?!?!?" Blondie asked, he was really concerened about his friend. He should be.

" I didn't do anything to him. He just didn't listen when I warned him." I said, almost bursting out laughing.

"Then why is he yelling!??!?!?!" The Quiff asked desperatly.

" Because he doesn't understand women!" By this time I was laughing, I know I'm kiddnapped and I'm supposed to be scared but please, you would be doing the same if you were me right. HA!

" Explain." The one who looked familiar interrigated.

"Well Curly tried to rape me, put his finger in after I asked what the date was. Aparently, curly here doesn't understand that when a woman needs to know the date, she is really saying, I'm probably on my period, starting today, let me check!" I said Gasping for air here and there between talking and laughing.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" I heard almost all of them hiss. This was going to be interesting.

Curly walked out of the bathroom, slinked through the boys over to me, and slapped me! Well He TRIED to slap me but I was too quick. I grabbed his hand, twisted it back and punched him in the stomach.

I was then surrounded by 3 of the boys, I don't know where the 4th one went, I had a feeling what would happen next would be painfull.


~~~~~~~AUTHORS NOTE~~~~~~~

Vas Happenin'! I wasn't sure if you like the story or if you had any ideas so If you wanted to help. Also if you wanted me to recommend/read your movella I will. ANYONE WILLING TO GIVE ME IDEAS TELL ME, I want to know!

Also, I know what some of the characters do in here would not be what they do in real life so get over it, they are just characters! And if the real Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis, Or Zayn are reading this( slim chance of that) hen im sorry if this offends you, my friend helped with some of the characters.


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