What would you do if you got kidnapped by the boy band you hate?

Gabriella has been abused by her father since she was 7 and her mother died. She is now 17 and has been taking Karate since she could remember, Jujitsu since she was 4, plus boxing and kick boxing since she was 6, so you could say she knows how to defend herself. When she was 9 her older brother left with out saying good bye. He left because he couldn't take it any more, and she hasn't seen him since.
**8 years later**
Gabriella is getting supper for her and her room mate, Anna, when all of a sudden things go black. she wakes up in a strange place and some one looks familiar.


6. I don't like you, but I respect you

Louis's P.O.V.

I don't get it. She was going all psyco on my friends but when she noticed it was ME who pulled her down, she started cring like it was her who got beaten up. Did she reconize me? Were all of the memories coming back. I feel very guilty leaving her but I had to for my own safety. But I didn't think of how it would affect her. I was selfish. I broke my promise. She has every right to be mad, and I don't deserve an apology.

"L-Louis?" She asked shaking. She was remembering the memeories. NOT GOOD!

"Yea, it's me Gabby."

"I-Uh-WHY AM I HERE?!?!?"

"I wanted you back."

"I NEVER WANTED TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LEFT AFTER YOU PROMISED YOU WULD BE THERE TO KEEP ME SAFE! But I guess I didn't matter to you anymore. I was just getting in the way of you living your dream. If you excuse me I'm Going to leave."

"No Gabby, You did matter. you didn't know how bad I had it. He fed YOU! He starved me! He Let you go out. He kept ME inside all the time. I didn't have it like you. You wouldn't undertand."

"I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND? YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! When You left. Nobody was there to protect me! He abused me! HE RAPED ME, which didn't make this any easier when your friend, Curly, over here tried to rape me!"I shot him a glare, he went to say something but didn't. GOOD CHOICE.

"I'm so sorry Gabbs, I didn't know. I-"

"That's right, you didn't know, so why am I here. You didn't know what was going on in my life. Maybe I was having fun with my friends. Oh and FYI my friend can track me down. If she wants something, like me back, she will track it down and get it. She will be here faster then the police  or even freaking F.B.I. could be. But don't worry, you wont have to go through that because I'm going back to her. I protect her and she is probably worried where I am. I've been gone for 2 DAYS!"

I feel so bad. I didn't want to kidnap her. I didn't want Harry to rape her. I didn't plan this. I was supposed to say I'm sorry, she forgives me, we live here until she is safe.


Gabriella's P.O.V

I can't BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I walked out of the room with 4 idiots on the ground and accidently bumped into Blondie and he grabbed my arm.

"Where are you going? Did Louis say you could go?" he didn't sound rude, he was just curious but I didn't care If I wanted out of here I was gonna have to lie and be michievious. But I couldn't he didn't look like he was going to hurt me. he was th one I reconized holding me down for Harry. I HAD to get out.

"No, But I'm leaving anyway."

"Ok, I wont get in your way. Just be safe love."

"I respect you blondie. I don't like you, but I respect you. You haven't tried anything, or gotton in my way, yet."

"Thanks I guess. I respect you too. You stood up to them. I would but they are my friends and I don't want to get judged by them. Go run before thy come back, I'm going to pretend I tried to catch you, so punch me so it looks like you fought back."

"ok?" I punched him in the gut and ran. I ran until I couldn't run anymore, even with my adrenalin rush. I had to stop or my heart would burst. I ran about 4 miles.  I knew I had to keep running but I couldn't I just couldn't. I heard 2 pairs of feet running behind me. They grabbed my arms.

"You're a naughty, naughty girl Gabriella."

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